NY Times – Document Flaws Have Put Brakes on Foreclosures

Flaws, how about FRAUDS! Other lenders said Thursday that their foreclosure procedures were proper. Properly full of SHIT! But, a spokesman for Bank of America, Rick Simon, said, “We do not have anything to tell you at this time.” ~ By DAVID STREITFELD Published: September 30, 2010 The foreclosure machinery that has forced millions of … Read more

NY Times – JPMorgan Suspends Foreclosures Amid Document Review

JPMorgan Suspends Foreclosures Amid Document Review The bank is the second major company to take such action this month, underscoring a growing legal problem about identifying the holder of the original mortgage note. The issue could stall an already overloaded foreclosure process. Analysts do not expect the delays to reduce the number of foreclosures in … Read more

ProPublica – GMAC’s ‘Robo-Signers’ Draw Concerns About Faulty Process, Mistaken Foreclosures

GMAC’s ‘Robo-Signers’ Draw Concerns About Faulty Process, Mistaken Foreclosures by Marian Wang ProPublica Several states are investigating and others have ordered a freeze on foreclosures by Ally Financial’s GMAC mortgage unit after the company said last week it was suspending foreclosure evictions and sales in 23 states due to “a procedural error” that could require … Read more

This Just In!!! Video of the Deposition of Gmac’s Jeffrey Stephan???

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xONtoyJT60] A 30 minute video was just provided to me that appears to be some type of security video of a deposition… The audio quality isn’t great but if you turn up your speakers you should be able to hear the conversation… I pulled out a minute and a half clip to share with you … Read more

WOW – Robo-Signers / Affidavit Slaves Beware! The Media WILL Find You and Expose You to Your Neighbors

Wow.. Late night hat tip to Deontos.is on this one… ~ From the Washington Post… Stephan answered the door at his house late Tuesday wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He said only “No, thanks” before retreating inside. ~ While Stephan and other robo-signers often serve as anonymous bureaucrats foreclosing on homeowners across the country, they … Read more

NY TIMES – GMAC Foreclosures – Suspension Might Last Until The End of the Year

Or indefinitely while the fraudsters are indicted… Sorry, didn’t think this was going to hit until tomorrow… Now remember, just to recap here, the links below cover the issues… LINK – What, WHAT!!! RE: Jeffrey Stephan of GMAC – Florida Default Law Group Admits to Violation of Professional Conduct Code UPDATED: ADDED GMAC’S URGENT LETTER TO … Read more

NY Times Reports on GMAC, Foreclosure Fraud, Jeffrey Stephan, Fraudulant Affidavits and Assignments, and a National Moratorium on Foreclosures

Well, not yet… I hear that they are running a story on the whole foreclosure fiasco tomorrow that involves the events of today re GMAC.. As for the headline above, that is what I would lead off with, but hey, I’m just little ole’ 4closureFraud.org… Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they really … Read more

HERE WE GO!!! Moratorium NOW – Rep Alan Grayson Petitions the Florida Supreme Court to HALT Foreclosures

Foreclosure Fraud has Peaked… If the reports I am hearing are true, the illegal foreclosures taking place represent the largest seizure of private property ever attempted by banks and government entities. ~ This is lawlessness. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! September 20, 2010 Chief Justice Charles T. Canady Florida Supreme Court 500 South Duval Street Tallahassee, FL … Read more