Palm Beach Post Quote: Meenu Sasser – Known as “THE ROCKET” for Her Role as a PBC Circuit Court Foreclosure Judge

“She is a University of Pennsylvania-educated lawyer, known as “THE ROCKET” for her role as a Palm Beach County Circuit Court foreclosure judge cutting through a backlog of cases.” ~ LINK – Lawyer’s silence golden to Tiger Woods in divorce case ~ Although the above story in the Palm Beach Post is about Tiger Woods … Read more

Looks Like Someone Submitted a FOIA Request to Palm Beach County RE Rocket Docket Scheduling

I bet this is going to be interesting… ~ ~ PBC Clerk FOIA Foreclosure Rocket Docket Request [scribd id=35118861 key=key-fauoxoqy1cnaxtgcvzn mode=list]

An Inside Look into Palm Beach County’s Rocket Docket Slaughter House

Below is just a small sample (102 pages) of the foreclosure cases heading for Summary Judgment next month. At rough count, it appears there are thousands of cases that are going to be disposed of in the next 30 days… A few major concerns here… Hundreds of cases are listed as “Case style not available … Read more

Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts – Critical Info RE Foreclosure Dockets and Summary Judgments

From the Hamlet… Posted by L Critical Information for Palm Beach County Active Foreclosure Cases I learned today that one can check the online scheduling calendar for Palm Beach County, Florida in order to check if a hearing is scheduled for a particular case by entering the case number. I URGE everyone with a foreclosure … Read more

Did Palm Beach County Florida Just Announce it is a NON-Judicial County?

The image above reminds me of what is happening across our country regarding the mass foreclosure crisis… How can it be that there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people losing everything they ever had due to the same circumstances? Answer: FRAUD Fraud perpetrated on the people, not by the people… 20 million homeowner did not … Read more

Palm Beach County’s Financial Report – 77% of Portfolio Invested in GSE’s / MBS’ / CMO’s?

If there are any accountants out there, please tell me I am interpreting this incorrectly… So I was looking into how bad this Foreclosure Crisis is and decided to take a look at one of the local County’s financial records and now I wished I didn’t… According to the Palm Beach County’s 2009 Comprehensive Annual … Read more

What can be done about the backlog of foreclosure cases in Palm Beach County (and other Florida counties)?

Palm Beach County’s backlog of cases is at about 53,500, which is fewer cases than earlier this year 1. Dismiss all cases filed after February 11, 2010, that do not include a verification in accordance with the Florida Supreme Court revised rules of Civil Procedure. The big foreclosure firms, particularly the Law Offices of David … Read more