UPDATES From 4closureFraud.org Coming Soon LPS, FIS, NACA, PIGSASS, FORECLOSURE FRAUD Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings et al.

Wow wow and WOW… So much information to share. Spent the last few days at the NACA event that was held at the Palm Beach Convention Center in Florida so been off the grid. More importantly, I took a break and had one of the most wonderful days I have had with my family in … Read more

Introducing PigsAss.org – 4closureFraud’s Sister Site

Welcome Aboard!!! A new site to host the Pigs Ass of the Week. Do you belong here? www.PigsAss.org You won’t be disappointed… 4closureFraud www.4closureFraud.org