MSNBC Mortgage nightmares, one tale at a time

To paraphrase from words often attributed to Josef Stalin — a million bank foreclosures is a statistic, but a single family losing its home is a tragedy. So Richard Zombeck has set out help people tell those stories — one at a time — at a Web site named There’s Diane Casella from Florida, … Read more

Shame the Banks – Smart homeowners are researching this fraud

If you haven’t been over to Shame the Banks yet, I suggest you do. Tell YOUR story and be heard… Smart homeowners are researching this fraud by Barbara Caldwell The news that the SEC has finally figured out that Goldman Sachs participated in shady and potentially illegal dealings re: “Collaterilizated Debt Obligations” (aka derivatives) may … Read more

Shame the Banks – Tell YOUR Story at

4closureFraud teams up with Shame the Banks. Go tell YOUR story and encourage others to do so as well. Together we can do more… This is a call to action. We are asking YOU to tell everyone you know – through e-mail, on facebook, twitter or other social media feeds, or through writing or calling … Read more