OneWest Gets Super SweetHeart Deal – Sells Foreclosed Townhome TWICE

WSJ – Two for One: Foreclosed Townhome Mistakenly Sold Twice Two home buyers and an investor both say they fairly purchased a foreclosed townhome. Now they’re fighting to see who gets to stay. This saga starts back in March, when Douglas Garhartt and Brandon Lively closed on an ocean-view unit in San Clemente, Calif. It … Read more

Foreclosure Mad Lib – More Judges Fighting “Sweetheart Deals” Between _______________ And ______________

A Foreclosure Fill in the blank story… Just add you most favorite foreclosure words where applicable… More Judges Fighting “Sweetheart Deals” Between _______________ And _________________ ___________ has been called many things: a maverick, a ___________, a hero, and acerbic. As a judge on cases involving ____________, his rulings have often been described as blunt and … Read more