An Open Letter to Judge Meenu Sasser 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida RE: Foreclosure Court

OPEN LETTER TO JUDGE MEENU SASSER 15th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA RE: FORECLOSURE COURT JUNE 6th, 2010 And all other Judges for that matter… I understand that there was a meeting between the Judges in Broward County and you, Judge Sasser, as you announced it in open court.  Of course, it is always advantageous for … Read more

Judge Jennifer Bailey Receives Community Service Award for Working to Ease “The Crushing Overload of Foreclosure Cases Clogging the Courts.”

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey, who has led a statewide task force on residential mortgage foreclosures, received a community service award Friday from the Daily Business Review. Bailey was recognized in Miami at the annual installation dinner of the Dade County Bar Association. The honor, the DBR Sookie Williams Community Service Award, recognizes exemplary service … Read more

To All Community Journalist’s Take “Note” (no pun intended) How to Report REAL Foreclosure News – New Rule Says Banks Must Prove Ownership Before Foreclosing

New rule says banks must prove ownership before foreclosing (Since it was ordered by the FL Supreme Court since February) By Kimberly Miller Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Foreclosure filings have backed off this year, dropping 36 percent in Palm Beach County last month compared to March, but it may not be a brightening economy … Read more

Response to the Florida Supreme Court RE: Amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Motion for Rehearing

The first part of this post is from an article I wrote a few months ago but gives the background and leads into what I have to add today. If you already read the first half when I published it the first time, scroll down to Part 2 and be sure to read Nye Lavalle’s … Read more

Verification of Mortgage Foreclosure Complaints

Florida Supreme Task Force on Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases So the story goes like this… Administrative Order. The Chief Justice established the task force in March 2009 by Administrative Order in the wake of dramatic increases in residential mortgage foreclosure case filings. Petition. The original Petition to amend the rules of court was filed with … Read more