Florida foreclosure activist and former guest on TPH LISA EPSTEIN (Foreclosure Hamlet) provides updates to the major headway, and the difficulties, when fighting back to defend your home. Plus, the latest information as to what the State of Florida intends to do with all the “hidden pre-foreclosures” that banks have been secretly keeping off the official record.
Joining Lisa will be:
ANDY from Massachusetts as a person challenging “Denial of the Debt” in it’s validity;

RANDY from Florida will dispel the notion that homeowners facing foreclosure are predominately folks that “bit off more than they could chew”.
ALLISON from Texas about The Courts legislating from the bench and how this is severely impairing the homeowner’s consumer protection rights.
Websites for more information and continual updates: and

A Message from The Power Hour:
Other foreclosed upon homeowners’ stories – that time does not allow for us to interview live – as examples to further dispel the notion that homeowners facing foreclosure “deserve it”. [ sending over to Wanda and Kathryn to post below] *  Ann in Ohio’s story
*  Kim in Maine’s story (Will be in today’s E-Mail Blast)
*  Lela in Florida’s story (Will be in today’s E-Mail Blast)
*  Tim in Texas’s story: Please visit and see his YouTubeVideo at:

If time allows: OPEN LINES for those that are being foreclosed upon: Toll-free: 1 800 259 9231

Florida Foreclosure Defense lawyer MATT WEIDNER truly “gets it” and will share with us the incredible depth of this ever-growing problem, from “hidden foreclosures” to the Separation of Powers (how the legal system dealing with foreclosures is completely out-of-control and the rule of law is being seriously ignored in favor of the banking/loan industry); What he sees on the horizon, the good (lawyers are waking up) and the bad (foreclosures are about to get a whole lot worse in numbers).
“The greatest transfer of wealth ever perpetuated in history is taking place right now.”

Please be sure and read Matt’s articles on foreclosure fraud and the rule of law in foreclosure cases [Separation of Powers] at:

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