Foreclosure affidavit do-overs face challenges, auction canceled

by Kim Miller

A Palm Beach County judge today granted a homeowner’s request to cancel a Dec. 30 foreclosure auction of his house following the submission of a revamped bank affidavit that had previously been withdrawn because of possible flaws.

The Post wrote a story about the do-overs last month. The particular case in question deals with a suburban West Palm Beach home foreclosure where the Florida Default Law Group withdrew an amounts owing affidavit this fall that had been signed by GMAC robo-signer Jeffrey Stephens.

Florida Default Law Group, FDLG, submitted a “Motion to ratify final summary judgment” on the home in November, attaching new affidavits and claiming the original filings were not fraud because they would not have altered the case and there was no intent to mislead the court.

But FDLG canceled a Nov. 30 hearing on the motion and then the homeowner requested the Dec. 30 sale be canceled, which was granted today.

It’s unclear what’s going on with the case now, but Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said today he’s unaware of a situation where a summary judgment can be “ratified.”

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FDLG Motion to Ratify Summary Judgment

Below is an example of how to redo fraudulent documents that propounded fraud upon the court and arrogantly imply that the fraud is of no consequence whatsoever. Florida Default Law Group, a foreclosure mill in Florida files a Motion to Ratify Summary Judgment (check back in a few days for the underlying affidavit and the exhibit A of this document)

Just wait until word gets out that the fraudulent documents are not limited to affidavits of indebtedness! Interesting responses indeed to be expected in response to the revelations about verifications, assignments of mortgage, satisfactions of mortgage, robosigned nonsensical documents that do not match the MERS data, fraudulently backdated documents, free-for all with the stamps of notaries, affidavits that previous satisfactions of mortgage were erroneous (here and here), refinances that never paid off the original mortgage, photo-shop endorsements of promissory notes, fabricating documents that never existed and swearing to the accuracy of facts not known on practically every document touched by the mortgage securitization ghouls and their corrupt law firms.

How they gonna “redo” all that?

Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe millions of families across America would like a similar opportunity; one where they jump at the chance to escape accountability and repercussions by a simple “redo” of their participation in an abusive, predatory financial transaction that left them completely tapped out and facing homelessness?

Full motion below…



Motion to Ratify Summary Judgment
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