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Judge doubts foreclosure lawyer’s mental state

Court to decide if Michael T. Pines, of North County, should undergo exam

Criminal proceedings against a controversial foreclosure attorney from North County have been suspended after a Superior Court judge expressed doubts about his “mental competency,” said officials with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

Judge Runston G. Maino has ordered a Friday hearing to determine whether Michael T. Pines, who advised clients to retake possession of their foreclosed homes, should undergo a mental evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial.

“The hearing judge expressed a doubt as to Mr. Pines’ competency,” said James Romo, the prosecutor assigned to the case.

Judge Maino has appointed a lawyer to represent Pines for “the limited purpose” of Friday’s hearing, Romo added. If Pines is found mentally competent to stand trial, then the preliminary hearing will be set for Sept. 6.

Pines, 59, calls the judge’s order “a delay tactic,” saying he’s an experienced attorney.

“They’re trying to get more time because they realized they have no case,” he told the Union-Tribune on Monday.

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