Please call the Washington State Senators and let them know that SB 6199 needs to be passed as is.

This bill will put a severe band-aid on a bad law regarding foreclosures in the state of Washington. Currently, all the banks needs to foreclose, is a bank document filed in any Trustee office claiming that they have the right to foreclose. WE HAVE SUBMITTED FALSE DOCUMENTS TO OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL, who cannot act because the penalty is perjury and no monetary damages associated with this law. We are asking our legislature to make it a felony and adding a monetary damage of $10,000 per occurrence.

Please call 800-562-6000. Tell them to pass this onto the House AS IS, no floor amendments. This bill flew through Judiciary Committee with no objections, no controversy. The banks are trying to slide in floor amendments to change the definition of beneficiary.

We need our army of foreclosure fighters to ACT NOW! Call the Washington Senators and tell them the banks don’t own Washington State. Find the whole list of state Senators at

Thank you.