Loan Mod

Borrower Spends on Lingerie … Should They Get a Loan Mod?

During the course of foreclosures when parties are discussing or attempting loss mitigation, borrowers submit financial records for lenders and servicers to review.

Sometimes, these records show a borrower’s financial condition to be unhealthy – not due to hardship like loss of job, reduction in income, divorce, medical bills, or funeral expenses – but due to uncontrolled, undisciplined, and/or unnecessary personal discretionary spending.

Review of some financial records have shown significant funds being spent on fast food, food deliveries, music downloads, lingerie, vacations, gambling at casinos and online, and even psychic advice instead of on existing financial obligations.

Then, after all of this money is spent on these non-essential items, borrowers want their lenders/servicers to modify their mortgages – the terms of which they previously agreed to in writing – to get them out of their financial rut.  They want lenders/servicers to take the hit for their financial irresponsibility.

This should be no surprise to lenders/servicers as mainstream media, government officials at all levels, and many in the court system believe that mortgagors can do no wrong and are victims of a banking system that is coined as “the evil empire,” “predatory,” and “greedy.”

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