Defrauded Homeowners Can’t Trust Courts to Stop Fraudulent Foreclosure Sales

After all the problems the country had with the dishonest banking system causing the mortgage crisis and recession, and the criticism of the Courts for their failure to require adequate monetary settlements from the banks, it would seem that the Courts would have learned that the public expected them to act with integrity when facing dishonest actions from financial institutions. Unfortunately this is not true.

The integrity of judicial system continues to fail the public as the Courts refuse to stop fraudulent foreclosure sales in violation of the law and without giving reasons.

The foreclosure crisis is not over. It continues today with false foreclosures, by the same Financial Institutions and some new players. As before, defrauded homeowners cannot rely on the Courts to stop fraudulent foreclosure sales.

Government prosecution has never been an option as government prosecution can never stop an unlawful foreclosure sale and can only result in retribution payments if any, after conviction.

After the Bailout, litigation ensued over fraudulent practices by the banks. This resulted in settlements long after the foreclosure sales occurred and homeowners lost their homes. The federal government and state governments received large payments while the homeowners received pennies on the dollar of the lost value of their home. Despite the bankers’ criminal acts, no senior banker went to jail.

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