Beyond Bogus – Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts


Looks like Docx’s “art department” forgot to change the wording on their assignment of mortgage template before they filed this one.

How much more blatently fraudulant can we get here folks?

“hereby, grant, bargain, sell, assign, transfer, convey, set over,  and deliver unto BOGUS ASSIGNEE FOR INTERVENING ASMTS“.

I am really at a loss for words on this one. I have looked at thousands of these documents and have yet to see one like this.

When I was shown this document last night I thought it had to be some kind of joke, a fake. Well, I was wrong.

It is recorded in book 1592 page 444 in the Nassau County Clerks Official Records. Click the link to look it up.

What is even more amazing is the Clerk even entered the grantee as BOGUS ASMNTS, but of course, why wouldn’t they

This person lost their home to these criminals as have so many others.

Screen shots were taken and the document downloaded since I am sure it will eventually be removed.

Again, I do not endorse this method, but the Anarchist’s Strategy To Dismiss Every Foreclosure In Florida doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore…

Anyway, see for yourself.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts ALL OVER THE PUBLIC RECORDS!

Beyond Bogus – Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts


11 Responses to “Beyond Bogus – Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts”
  1. DinSFLA says:

    Wait…there is more. INCREDIBLE!

    See it @ 1:00



  2. Alina says:

    the judge is Brian J. Davis, who obviously needs to be added to the walll of shame.

    this is incredibly unbelievable and outrageous. how can a judge sign off on this? Oh, I forgot, the original foreclosure mill attorney on my case told me that he had a judge in Miami that would stamp the notes in his cases “Paid in Full.” He said the judge did not even look at the pleadings filed. I think he thought he might be able to do that in Orlando.

    I agree with you, being an anarchist is becoming more palatable.

  3. I guess another way to look at it is to be awed by the arrogance that allows this TRUTH to come out, lead to the foreclosure and eviction of yet one more American family, and publish it boldly up there in the official public records.

    Guess the title insurer had no problems with this when it came time for the post foreclosure sale?

    Can’t get more honest than: “YOOOOO HOOOOO! See me! I’m A BOGUS ASSIGNMENT!” and the judge going forward and allowing the foreclosure to be granted.

    Hmmmmmm, wonder if the Plaintiff was BOGUS also? I mean, whomever the mortgage is assigned to has the right to collect the collateral in the event of a default on the promissory note, right? “OH BOGUS! Come and getchur house!”

    Anyone live in Nassau County who could get a copy of that Complaint. I’d LOVE to see it!

    Let’s just dispense of all pretenses now and let a spade call itself a spade.

    Wonder how that family is doing………….

    Lisa E

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