UPDATES From 4closureFraud.org Coming Soon LPS, FIS, NACA, PIGSASS, FORECLOSURE FRAUD Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings et al.

Wow wow and WOW

So much information to share. Spent the last few days at the NACA event that was held at the Palm Beach Convention Center in Florida so been off the grid.

More importantly, I took a break and had one of the most wonderful days I have had with my family in a long time which was well overdue.

With that said,


Time to take it to the next level.

Enough of the LIES!

Stay tuned, there is so much critical info to be shared…


Oh and by the way here is a glimpse of the activities (WHERE WE CRASHED THE “PARTY” WHICH YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS) from the NACA event. (with more in the future).

bruce marks foreclosure hamlet 4closurefraud

How you like us now Banksters?

More pics and video to follow.

Again you wont be disappointed…

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  1. I mean…..sherriff and marshal……..dont let the banker trick u into making up fake…..forcloser pr evition on people too take there home……..i feel this is on the go…today too……

  2. henIt the devil……he has gotton into the courts….houses….now……by his spririt….he trying too take people home from them…..judges if u feel…..a evil sprit is takin over u …call a recess …..jump up…..step down from the bench …..it the devil i saw it ……..the devil possess the judge ane make the judge take ya home………lol….this is real…..u want too no.how…if ya recipes says u paid .and thr judges still put u out ..then it the devil takin over the judge ….the police …..the hold court need too start making judgments on cases now…the devil is pretty strong …….like if the police in the court house here something wrong ….they can ask for a recess …..stop the case …and they all go too the back too relook at the case first …that will give the devil a black eye ……….even now …..

  3. Ali says:

    Don’t forget the companies replacing the fraudulent ones in the public eye noe. Please keep aneye on COELOGIC. Wik them, they have taken over BofA foreclosing procressing. They all charge for tile searches and then never do them. Had they, they would have found out that our VA loan opened in 2005 and paid for by title insurance because the VA said no no no, you Mr Morgage broker cannot be the lender with MERS as nominee. Didn’t stop them from transferring it to Wells Fargo who apparently released the the loan and recorded it, hence trying to keep the orininating morgage broker anonomus. That would be, THE FIRST MORTGAGE CORP. Not accreditted with the BBB and looking on the recorders web site they have done this to thousands and thousands in the Joliet area of Illinois. Maybe the IRS can handle all this, they have some very big teeth. I said this the tip of the ice berg.

  4. The theves better go to church I’m back in from heaven now . The fraud gone stop , and the judge and make the take a hike now , the fraud runner take a hike. P. A. L . Or pals , charles stillman , is here too , james rockefella stillman , wiliiams rockefella , david rockefella , we back . They want rob us or the planet like that to our names . Hahahahahah

  5. 1460 -1462 – memorial dr se atl ga 30317 . They had ceo of my chase bank at the city of atl court . For the fraud on my grand mom passing ground , she passed away at this property address we own at chase co . But the ceo didn’t even show up for court , theves and pest just keep getting away . I no all the other theves in jail , saying no fair , why us and not them .

  6. Some body show these idiots the door to bank of america and wellsfargo , and jpmorgan , and tell them to leave the keys behind them . Who is michael , mr black williams ask ? Its simple , he s , a p giannini , in the flesh . And mr black williams , said they way to rob a bank is too own one , why would a owner rob , him self when he s already banking to hard , to hardly move , ckeck the theves out they so taken care from the stolen money from the bank , they can’t even go up . Layed back saying , I’m glad I robbed giannini . But they already no I got 60,000 cops on the way to pick them up , for them fraud . So get ready .

  7. Yea if the irs has a lien the stuff. Can’t be sold no way mite as well let them stay in it .the. Company asset should be on a lien ,too , with a special trustee to watch over the stuff to make sure the theves not steeling no more .I almost want to say they have left those companies and the ceo don’t even no it fraud or they may do , but that false president has took off maybe out of country .I don’t care I want them out and me in the rightful owner . And that my birthright civil right human right . . I’m a born us citizen .

  8. 22 arrested for wanting their mortgage dropped, at the jpmorgan bank building . Why didn’t they arrest the overheard at alliance bancorp ,gloria jean mayes . Pull the police report from atl ga fulton county on them too .wow ! My family turning in their graves over this mad ness crap . I wish they would have arrested them in 2002 when I 1st report this fraud . They need change laws ! On some of this stuff . Man . Hand this message to those protester , go in that bank and arrest that fake michael jackson grimes he’s not me .is this some kind of joke been played on me ????

  9. matt banas says:

    Michael said he got a letter for mail fraud too , they got him a address , gloria , has a fraud address , on michael where they take his mail at . The ss office , and the irs office and the da office of atl ga has michael address down for year 2010 atl ga 30307 ne . Gloria has, 300,000 addresses which address is she useing to defraud him on his mail , better yet ckeck out that fraud at probate court I mean . Its un real flim flam everything on that mess , includeing the notery . Gloria mayes son patrick mayes – sayes this comment on 8-13 2010 , man my mom just step, up for the, fraud, she don’t have none of the stuff tho , reply back well who has It , michael older brother anthony took all the companies and insur cos as well . We in the getto with nothing , then he reply again , I talk to the brother , and gloria s -boyfriend , they both saying back to ya mom gloria . If. The cops,would have did their job for the huge tax payer he wouldn’t have to go threw this mess . From my under standing they have too pay 3 level of taxes , county state taxes ,realistate property tax , and. Irs taxes all those taxes are funding the police rite ? Wow ! Why not give the dude justic for his tax dollar ! . Oh 1 more thing the fulton county probate clerks replyed saying gloria in trouble . But u notice she not in trouble yet , and they said that in 2002 . Are the law scard of them , they never did nothing on that case and its 2010 . Fraud reported 2002 . Michael was gun down 2002 buy a crazy drug dealer over a girl ! He didn’t get healed on -2-15-03 . From that , dude blow his hold leg off .

  10. malikgrimes says:

    10 million documents that gos to wellsfargo and bank of america , jpmoran na gone with out a lead , gloria jean mayes , says I don’t no where its at , but she file bankruty in 2004 – and got that fraudulent power of attoney from fulton county proabte court . They lucky my dad didn’t knock their head off he was too sick , and I was too young to no what was going on , with out no leads or help , but now my banking motor is running , we a take these theves down today , they a run , and drop my stop , when the public take a cop up in their ask them for I’d prooff that they michael grimes , make them show ss cards ga I’d card . Birthcert from fulton county a bill with my name and address . No a run cause they have none of that .oh also to show yall how big this fraud is with michael david grimes sr age 59 gloria jean mayes age 59. The fraud in probate court I had it stop , but they still in the companies . Call up their and see if she wasn’t removed .

  11. Dave L says:

    I CANNOT wait to see the video!

  12. You two are precious. OMM

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