MSNBC Reports on the Bankster Con Job w/Dylan Ratigan

“We are getting closer to uncovering the greatest con in history. It involves our banks, our Federal Reserve, and of course, you and me” – (MSNBC)

Well… It looks like the mainstream media is beginning to do its job.

There is no Bankster Bailout, it’s a CON.

It’s the biggest bank robbery in history, and its the banks that are doing the robbing” – (Gerald Celente)

We are told we ‘need’ these crooks by the politicians. No we don’t – crooks are never essential to societies…

We are on our own here to stop these fraudsters since ALL of Congress, FBI, DOJ, and the rest of the Government have been PAID OFF.

Stand up and say NO MORE!

When is it enough?


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  1. BarbaraC says:

    I am a WaMu/Chase homeowner/victim. How do I get in touch with your support group? is it real? I’ve been in loan mod hell for 15 months and would love to be a part of anything happening that will help us get this word out and fight this crap.

  2. Robbed says:

    The very core source for our economic implosion and fuel for the “bubble” was FRAUDULENT LENDING by the banks. Forensic loan auditors from across the country agree that basically, 70% of all loans originated between 2003 – 2007, were FRAUDULENT, and/or contained UNFAIR and DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES BY THE LENDERS.

    The “regulators” (our government paid for by the taxpayers,) knowingly allowed this FRAUD to exist and flourish. Look closer at the OTS and “regulator shopping.” The FDIC is also in the REO disposition business aside from “regulating.” These are but just the tip of the iceberg of a few examples of aggregious conflicts of interest.

    Homeowners in foreclosure should sue (by the millions) the lenders, and utilize discovery throught the court to prove this fraud was perpetrated on not only the homeowners, but the investors who unknowingly bought the toxic pools of mortgages.

    The servicers profit by the foreclosures in REO disposition and by draining the remaining income streams from the revenue streams of the performing mortgage payments. This directly pays for increased default revenues from the deficient non-payments (by those in foreclosure) directly back to the servicers via the “pooling and servicing agreements” of the MBS (mortgage-backed securities.)

    The servicers, in essence, are the “middlemen” of the scam and were also the wholesalers and securitizers of the fraudulent loans. All involved knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    These “middlemen” also recieved TARP money from CONgress at the further expense of the TAXpayers.

    Sue, investigate, and prosecute now, or our children will be poor no matter their level of education and hard work in the future. We in America are becoming a croney driven fuedal state and two class society. The middle class will become non-existent.

    This is not a representation of an emerging socialist state, but more appropriately, that of a corporo-fascist state where government and corporations prosper unfairly at the detriment of its citizens.

    Sound familiar in 2010?

    Rob Harrington
    National WAMU Homeowners Support Group

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