Wall Street Under Fire

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  1. It is supposed to be true that “All are equal before the law” but it’s not – yet – true. The American People are standing together, united in their hope that the judicial system in which they have placed all of their faith since the inception of this great nation, will do what it was designed to do: sustain the law FOR ALL. It matter not how rich you are, how influential your company, your industry or your campaign donations. Felony is felony, criminal is criminal and prison is waiting.

    In the same vein, the lowly consumer (myself as an example) is unable to enact the most basic, straight-forward consumer protection remedy because of hesitant 9th Circuit Court systems who are combing the letters of the law for a loophole that will allow them to release my (our) violators in a sea of technicalities so they may resume sucking the blood from us all.

    Without consequence and deference, our consumer protection laws are worthless. Minimal fines and slaps on the hands simply adds a premium to their cost of “business as usual” and they continue to fearlessly pillage our middle class, with the full support of “their court system”.

  2. Elyse says:

    The Wall Street Bankers created a paperless mortgage registration system to avoid paying fees in the Billions of dollars to all 50 States. This system has also created the mortgage meltdown as the American homeowners are finally fighting back by filing lawsuits against this effort to foreclose on American homeowners rather than stop their fraud to avoid accontability.

    What Wall Street has been allowed to get away with this raping of the American homeowners, since the de-regulation, is a down right crime…these guys should be put in jail 100 times more than poor Martha Stuart!! These guys are taking the Freedom out of the American Dream…Life will never be the same….we’re going down and the world is watching with great humor!! Our forefathers stole the land from the Indians, stole the blackmen from the families in Africa against their will and we threw the Mexicans out of Texas, ARizona and California…we have nothing but KARMA coming back at the American greed!

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