Keith Sadler – Tactical Task Force Takes Down Homeowner with Guns Blazing

Welcome to America!!!

It is only going to get worse…



Wood County Sheriff’s deputies swarmed the home of Keith Sadler Friday morning in an attempt to force him out of the foreclosed property.

Sadler and five others barricaded themselves inside the Stony Ridge home four days agp in protest of his bank’s foreclosure of the property.  Sadler’s home was sold after he was unable to keep up with the payments.  According to protester Wesley Flowers of The Toledo Foreclosure Defense League, he and Sadler exhausted all other options.

Authorities were seen at the home around 7:00 a.m. Friday, preparing to force Sadler and the home’s current occupants out.  Shortly before 8:00 a.m., Sadler was brought out of the home, by sheriff’s deputies, and arrested on scene.  A number of protesters outside the home were also arrested, according to reports.


9 Responses to “Keith Sadler – Tactical Task Force Takes Down Homeowner with Guns Blazing”
  1. AR says:

    This is beyond frightening. This no longer feels like the America we once knew. Those that are not living this nightmare need to be afraid as well. Once tthe civil liberties of ONE are stolen … they are stolen from ALL. People wake up. We are not living in a Democracy. Anarchy is on the horizon.

  2. Robert Chaney says:

    The SWAT team crashes into a person’s home under the color of law.

    I’d like to see SWAT teams go after the banksters who created the financial crisis that has
    put so many United States’ homeowners into foreclosure.

    … And how about the elected representatives (from both parties) who got rid of the Glass-Steagall Act!
    … And the anti-capitalist Managed Funds Association (i.e. George Soros, Jamie Dimon, Barry Obama and their ilk) whose manifest goal is to destroy the Constitutional United States of America while stuffing their pockets with astronomical amounts of cash!

    … And don’t forget the regulatory agencies that failed to regulate!
    … And the state-run, drive-by media that failed to investigate and report the facts!
    … And we, average Americans, who–for too long–trusted our congressmen and regulators and banks to do their jobs honestly and fairly

    This poor homeowner, Keith Sadler, got ran over by a very large bus full of criminals and he gets arrested!?!

    But, not to worry, when the Average American understands that our country does not need crooks and stands up, there will be another bus. This one full of American rebels singing “Born in the USA” and “God Bless America”!

  3. WAMU Wrecking Crew says:

    (reiteration from my previous response)
    deadbeat squatters being evicted by SWAT Teams – MIchael Moore’s twist on verbage, not mine…

    See where the battle for hearts and minds might go with this??

    PR anybody?

    Rob Harrington
    aka, WAMU WRECKING CREW in the last post.

    • WAMU Wrecking Crew says:

      Actually, Michael Moore’s website called them “squatters” which is almost like dead-beats… who do you trust?

  4. WAMU Wrecking Crew says:

    This is a sad day in America. The system is obviously broken. This should have never happened.

    We should be very glad that upon initial entry, a vase didn’t fall over with a loud crash and then…..

    Be careful of your options while losing one’s sanity and perspective in foreclosureland. There was a better way to go for all parties concerned. This could have easily ended with needless deaths!

    Also, maybe the view of the average American will shift away from pernicious lender fraud to deadbeat sqatters being evicted by SWAT Teams… We are in a battle for PUBLIC AWARENESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone. I still believe in fact and law, exposing criminals in any position of power and responsibility, forcing the media to chose sides, and marching all the bad guys to prison.



  5. MaK says:

    I am sure we will see this happen over and again many times before the cowards come to grips and stop working for banksters.


    MY G-D! MY G-D!

    Evicting at GUNPOINT now? That’s what we’ve come to in this country? GUNPOINT?

    Millions in foreclosure. In Florida, 30% of mortgage holders are delinquent or in foreclosure. Guess law enforcement better beef up. They’re gonna be plenty busy evicting millions of us along with our children, pets, and elderly family members.

    Oh, yeah…better remind Grandma to keep her walker by the bed for a quick get-away.


  7. Mark says:

    This should never happen in America, Does anyone think that the system is broken.

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