Hey Fraudsters – Here is Why You Will NEVER Win – The Human Spirit

Not the usual 4closureFraud post but…

From my point of view, ultimately, good has always triumphed over evil.

Since the beginning of time, there has been the balance of right and wrong, yin and yang, good and evil.

The power of the human spirit is why the fraudsters will never succeed in the end.

I encourage anyone that reads/views this to be, at the least, 10 percent┬á as passionate as he is about his life as you can be about fighting the fraudsters in this battle of what is “moral” and “ethical” in the foreclosure crisis.

And always remember, no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who is much worse off that is fighting just as hard as you are…

Keep up the faith, keep up the fight.

Good will always prevail over evil.


8 Responses to “Hey Fraudsters – Here is Why You Will NEVER Win – The Human Spirit”
  1. Seriously MIKE MAUNU? You did two and a half years for securities fraud in Texas of the five year sentence you received…. then you move to Las Vegas and get criminally charged by the Las Vegas Attorney General, and then you post scam marketing bios all over the internet. And one of your favorite you tube videos is how “fraudsters will never win”??? Well, I guess your getting booted out of your home in the next month is proof of that.



  2. Alina says:

    wow…amazing…fantabulous…what a huge inspiration…

    this is a message I hope I have conveyed to my kids – the only obstacles are those that you create in your own mind….

  3. Andrew says:

    FRAUD cant WIN….ThankYou for this from me personally.

  4. George Frederick& Cecilia Engle says:

    Dear Mike,

    Without a doubt this message / video is OUTSTANDING!!! What an inspiration…

    Your work in addressing this horrific ordeal cast upon not only the Mortgage Borrowers but it has catastrophically affected the Global market as well…

    These “BOTTOM FEEDER” must be dealt with! Yes GOD willing I not going to cave, after all that would just buy into their evil plot promoting “LEGALIZED EXTORTION”.

    Mike we thank you for the wonderful message, to include all the hard work you and others are doing to correct this wrong … The wrong called “MORTGAGE FRAUD”.

    Being totally redundant, we must put these PARASITES away, take their property, let them live in the streets, that is after they served their time.

    Just one more thing, I ask myself, why are these sewer rats that have inflicted harm even death are not being charged – convicted with “attempted MURDER”? Can anyone not see or even looked at the stress this has imposed on many of decent, played by the rules, only crime was to TRUST folks?

    George & Cecilia

  5. WAMU Wrecking Crew says:

    The key is to identify and put certain people, (Government officials, Judiciary, and Media) in the spotlight to PERSONALLY hold them accountable and liable for their actions and inactions.

    The “deadbeat” argument touted by the Bankers’ Lobbyists (whores) and Mill attorneys (more whores) needs to be countered with FACT, LAW and GREAT P.R..

    The PEN is TRULY mightier than the SWORD!

    Get organized!

  6. Thank you so much for your postings. I am so proud & honored to be on this journey with you!

  7. Cathie D. says:

    Amen, No matter what the circumstances it is key to be content and thankful the everything we have been given and realize that things could be much worse and they can be much better too. Sometimes a blessing doesn’t actaully look like one on the surface.

  8. mike maunu says:

    One of my favorite you tube vids. Have a great weekend!

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