Another Insider Comes Forward – Other Monsters in the Sea – Sewer Service

Again From the Hamlet

“Another area that should be investigated in the foreclosure mill process is the “process serving” Mills such as ProVest LLC.

I worked at ProVest for 7 months a few years ago, as jobs are scarce. There were some issues there of some of the servers just “drop serving” the summons, (just leaving at the door and saying they gave it directly) or Sewer serves, (saying it was served and they never even left at the door). A few borrowers obtained legal counsel and executed their rights, as they were never properly served, but there are probably more borrowers unaware they have been “had”.

If Improperly served, the court dates cannot be set.

Due to ProVest’s aggressive style, and high volume of work, it is possible many servers, not direct employees, were forced to do the serves this way due to the volume and ProVest’s unrealistic expectations. They wanted a serve within 10 days of it being filed at the court house. As an employee, server or not, if you did not meet their outrageous timeframes it provoked what I call “public floggings” of employees. Not a nice place to work.

ProVest does process serving for many of the foreclosure mills such as Stern and FDLG… And for the record, when I was there, a husband worked for FDLG, and the wife worked for ProVest…

So, if you want more dirt for your campaign, here it is.. Check to see if the borrowers were properly served.”

We expect to hear much more from this individual…


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  1. George says:

    I know of a case that the server had his wife notarize a affidavit of service…

  2. mic says:

    Never served summons and complaint by “Leah M. Wikander” ProVest. Signed and notarized that I was and even excepted service for my wife and voluntarily told “Leah” that the middle initials on the complaint were incorrect and I gave her the correct ones….take it to the limit one more time….

  3. Bend over and take it says:

    I am a Team lead for Provest and must denounce these alligations. Sure its true that Provest LLC falsifies documents, overcharge clients and has Process servers lie to expidite service and meet our unreasonable deadlines given to us by our great leaders. My manager, Mr. James Wood, (no not James Woods) likes to say “We are doing a great service for the law firms who expect us to do this.” I would have to say that at least 30% of our work has been done in some illegal way. Thanks to our management team, work re-training our employees to “look the other way” as we rape the legal system, repeatedly, has helped Provest reap the rewards. Some major Law firms have already caught on to our practices and have pulled away from Provest LLC, but they will be back. They always come back. Thats why we are one of the top process serving management companies around. I mean, who else will do what is needed to push these bad services and false documents through? In Conclusion, I have to say please, please do not say such horrible things about Provest, It may affect my lifestyle and the only way i will be able to pay for my new home. Please feel free to leave comments to my immediate manager at, but only if you have positive comments about our company. God knows that we could use good comments since even our employees hate it here.

  4. What most do not know is per Echevarria’s bar judgment in 2004 he owns provest and was sanctioned. RESP 8a and 8b prohibits Real Estate Service Providers (like Florida Default) from marking up services required as part of the service. Provest hires out process servers for $35.00 yet charges the foreclosure file up to $850.00. Provest for years has bee accused of sewer service. Lack of service voids court jurisdiction, no jurisdiction means the court had no authority to grant the foreclosure. ITs time to start unwinding these foreclosures. See the full story at

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