Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire


She doesn’t know anything…

She doesn’t even read ANYTHING!

She does the assignments, the verifications of complaint “under penalty of perjury” and amounts due and owing!

Just got it so wanted to share…

Full analysis to come…



Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell  Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire Part 1

Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell  Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire Part 2

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  1. Jose Campuzano says:

    It is still going on and on and on even after the 49 State “Settlement” the OCC “Settlement” and the Justice Dept.’s “Settlement.” But the lawyers aren’t in on it, the judge’s are not in on it, and the government is not in on it. Wow! If you believe that I can sell you some ” ocean side property in Arizona.” How stupid do they really think we are???????

  2. Gregory Bryl says:

    FIRST (SMALL) VICTORY IN VIRGINIA: debtor defeats pretender lender’s lift-stay motion. Details below.

    In 2005, Debtor executed and delivered to “Synergy One” a fixed-rate promissory note in the principal sum of about $290K secured by a Deed of Trust on real property located in Manassas, VA. The Deed of Trust listed Synergy-One as the “Lender,” and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) as “the beneficiary” of the Deed of Trust “solely as nominee for Lender and Lender’s successors and assigns.”

    During the pendency of a non-judicial foreclosure commenced by SunTrust Mortgage, Debtor filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and then retained counsel. After checking with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Debtor’s counsel ascertained that the loan was (at least at some point) owned by Fannie. Suntrust then moved for lift-stay relief in the bankruptcy court to continue with its (bogus) foreclosure. Debtor, through counsel, opposed the motion on the grounds that SunTrust’s motion contained no evidence that SunTrust had the right to enforce the lien, that SunTrust was not the “real party in interest” as required by the federal rules of procedure, and that the debt was “unenforceable against the debtor and property of the debtor, under any agreement or applicable law.” Additionally, Debtor’s counsel introduced into evidence a copy of the note that was different than the copy submitted by SunTrust and its attorneys (it contained an extra blank endorsement). After a hearing on May 5, 2010, the judge ruled from the bench and agreed with Debtor that SunTrust had not established it was the “real party in interest.” The judge, however, gave SunTrust a chance to establish itself as a “lender” by setting a trial for June 2, 2010, whereby SunTrust would have a chance to produce the original note and bring in other witnesses, including “documents custodian.”

    On May 26, 2010, Debtor’s counsel filed its list of witnesses indicating that it would put on the stand SunTrust’s and Synergy-One officials whose signatures appeared on purported endorsements on the copies of the Note. On May 27, 2010, after seeing Debtor’s list of witnesses, SunTrust withdrew its lift-stay motion! So the stay remains in place and SunTrust can’t foreclose. What’s more, Debtor has now turned the pending non-judicial foreclosure into a judicial one by filing an adversary proceeding (a complaint challenging the pending foreclosure) in the bankruptcy court.

    Those facing foreclosure defense issues or desiring a “forced loan modification” from their bank are encouraged to contact attorney Gregory Bryl.

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