Fighting Foreclosure Fraud – CBS Interview with Hon Judge Arthur Schack

Continuous housing foreclosures have made this the deepest housing crisis since the great depression. As Seth Doane reports, one judge has become determined to keep families in their houses.


Fighting Foreclosure



6 Responses to “Fighting Foreclosure Fraud – CBS Interview with Hon Judge Arthur Schack”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    So it has taken me two years to figure out what they did that I knew had to be illegal. GMAC, through MortgageIT then they sold to Duetsche bank who sold to IndyMac, who was taken over by FDIC who made a sweetheart deal with OneWest and sold my former house to HSBC through Luminent Mortgage. Awellplaned out Scheme and well manipulated to steal from my family.

  2. foreseeyer says:

    Many Judges will face a judgement of their own – when they stand before God and are judged themselves…

    • lisamarie says:

      Hopefully their only judgement will not be by God alone, the ultimate judgement will be the lords but the earthly court system could get a chance at them also! The Judges allowing these outrageous crimes against humanity should pay even greater than an average citizen because we trusted them to uphold the law and they used the justice system to do EVIL.

  3. Judge Schack: “No. I wouldn’t say that I’m for the litte guy. I would say I’m for justice.”

    Justice in foreclosure actions? WOW! I’ve heard through the grapevine that is what judges strive for but observations and experiences have proven otherwise.

    The shocking thing is that justice in an American court of law is so unheard of in foreclosure actions that it makes national news.

    Judge Schack, thank you Honorable Judge for doing your job and doing it so well.

  4. Angry American says:

    May GOD richly bless the very HONORABLE Judge Shack!!! Amen

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