Darth Vader Facing Foreclosure of Death Star Robs Chase Bank

Couldn’t help it…

Police are investigating the robbery of a Chase bank branch in Setauket by a man wearing a Darth Vader mask and a cape.

Man wearing Darth Vader mask and cape robs Long Island bank with gun, shoves customer to floor

BY John Lauinger

A lot of robbers use force. This one used the Force.

A bandit decked out in a Darth Vader costume strolled into a Long Island bank on Thursday – and walked out with a wad of cash.

The villain looked ready for Halloween, wearing the “Star Wars” scoundrel’s signature mask and sweeping black cape.

He lost some authenticity points for a pair of camouflage pants.

The getup struck one customer as so funny that he started joshing with the Darth Robber after he strode into the Chase bank in Setauket.

“The customer thought it might have been a joke, and not a serious attempt at a robbery,” said Suffolk County police Detective Sgt. William Lamb.

But Darth wasn’t kidding – and he wasn’t going to be stopped by a non-Jedi Knight.

He won a “shoving match” against the incredulous customer before using his piece to order him to the floor, Lamb said.

And his weapon was no joke. He was carrying a pistol instead of a lightsaber.



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  1. Not that I advocate bank robbery, but I do see the irony that Chase steals homes from 100,000’s of WAMU homeowners through unjust enrichment and sleepy courts across the galaxy.

    Chase has ZERO investment in ALL of these homes… so how can they take homes in COURTS OF EQUITY? This especially in light of WAMU’s well documented fraudulent lending practices AND that Chase allegedly aided and abetted by sending Steve Rotella and other Chase senior management (TEXAS COMPLAINT – WAMU vs JPMorgan Chase and FDIC) to drive the WAMU deathstar into oblivion?

    And they don’t even have to wear a Darth Vader mask…. simply suits and ties.

    Consult with a qualified, competant attorney and visit your brothers and sisters at http://www.wamuloanfraud.com

    The force (of FACT AND LAW) is with US!!!

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