Hilarious!!! – Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Gerald M. Shapiro of Shapiro & Fishman, CEO of LOGS Group, Faces Foreclosure

What a week…

And this is why you don’t want to get on 4closureFrauds radar…

Once you do, you will be exposed…

Since this past weeks topic was Foreclosure Mills committing Foreclosure Fraud, and their attorneys defending them, here is another gem…

Specifically, Gerald M. Shapiro of Shapiro & Fishman (Part of the LOGS Network).

Hat tip to TJ.

Foreclosure lawyer faces suit on office building

By: Colleen Lobner July 12, 2010

(Crain’s) — A real estate lawyer who represents lenders in foreclosure cases faces a lawsuit of his own on a small Northbrook office building.

The property, 4201 Lake Cook Road in the north suburb, is owned by a trust whose beneficiary is Gerald M. Shapiro, chairman and CEO of LOGS Group LLC. LOGS, which formerly was based in the Lake Cook building, is a network of law firms and title agencies that specialize in handling foreclosure litigation for lenders.

Heart Financial, a subtenant in the Northbrook building, moved to Schaumburg in late 2008 and the building emptied out completely in April, when LOGS relocated to Bannockburn, says Gerald Alt, president of LOGS and Heart president and CEO.

A $6.7-million loan on the property was not paid off when it came due June 1, according to a foreclosure complaint filed June 10 in Cook County Circuit Court. Mr. Shapiro also failed to pay real estate taxes on the property, the complaint alleges.

The total amount due is $6.14 million, plus interest and late charges, according to the complaint.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Shapiro declines to comment.

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What a deadbeat…



9 Responses to “Hilarious!!! – Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Gerald M. Shapiro of Shapiro & Fishman, CEO of LOGS Group, Faces Foreclosure”
  1. Outlaw777 says:

    In all my life I have never seen a house of nepotism, seedy alliances and outright abuse than Heart Financial Services. Honestly, between threats of vengeance via the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act toward former employees who have contacted me with additional tales of abuse. Yes, from employees and all the way to the poor callers themselves re: mailings offering loan mods via Heart clients like Bank of America who was their main squeeze for awhile.
    People would call in again and again and again and again and after sending in their necessary paperwork, i.e. proof of reduced income, outstanding debts, medical records, (if necessary) the place of destination known as Urban Settlement would consistently lose their paperwork, on many an occasion.
    It seems very clear that with a buffer of seeming incompetence the funds that were handed to largely dishonest and incompetent banking institutions called so aptly as tax payer handouts. Tax money handed to a bunch of assorted corporately appointed banking retards and gangsters. With the two middlemen being Heart Financial Answering Service and Urban Circular Files, Inc. the report to the government of “we’re doing all we can do” secured their bailout bucks as justified, and the mortgagors simly unable to meet the demands of such “wonderful loan modification programs.” In other words Bank of America “lost” many a customer to outright frustration, and on many a case that could’ve been solved no one got rescued.
    This is how it seemed to many an employee, and it seemed that way to me. Bottom line, records were lost again and again, and it could in no way, this side of hell, always be the customer’s fault.
    This modern banking phenomenon called “financial services” can wear many a hat. It can divert calls for different institutions needing a strainer in order to make customers feel like they’re talking to their mortgagee, and they can offer half-baked solutions from post adolescent temps who are known as “loan consultants”. People answering phones there when asked by customers as to who was calling, or who they were calling, depending on the direction of the wind, were coached by management to say, “We are a department of Bank of America.” Bottom line number two, AN OUTRIGHT LIE.
    Lastly, bottom line number three: Financial Services are the result of banks needing additional manpower to do their dirty work. They can always dump the servicer and claim that they did “what was appropriate” all the while never being called on hiring convenient document seek and destroy operations, and escape and evasion telephone mercenaries. Besides that it is cheaper to not have to pay individual employees at a time when unemployment and most deceptive of all, underemployment chokes the dead has been middle class of America. To deceive and to steal. We shall make profit.

  2. Banking is a dangerous proposition. It is also a failed operation in the United States. No where, except here has the betrayal of the common man been most obvious. Led by greedy idiots, I can only tell you that the articles and statements and stories behind “law firms” like this type make one take with no serious regard that these people are in any way, “honorable”. Honor to them is to take and use. Their day is coming. I will not be standing alongside them. Stay away from all binding agreements with attorneys, banks and financial services and institutions. Unless there is a contingency loophole that is binding upon them back off. Stay away. Lizard life is more moral.

  3. PJ says:

    Mr. Shapiro’s former tenent “HEART Finanacial Services LLC”… is owned by LOG’s… interesting to say the least!

    LOGS Network Announces New Home Retention Business Group
    Northbrook, IL May 23, 2007: LOGS Network announces the creation of a full-service home retention
    assistance business to work with residential borrowers whose delinquent loans have been
    referred for foreclosure or bankruptcy legal representation. The new business, operating under
    the name HEART Financial Services, is a division of The LOGS Group, L.L.C.
    “Our business plan”, says Gerald Alt, President of LOGS Network, “is to close the communication
    gap that naturally occurs when loss mitigation efforts by a loan servicer are interrupted by
    investor requirements to move those non-performing loans into the hands of foreclosure counsel.
    We intend to continue proactively working those loans in concert with our legal network’s clients
    to provide a meaningful positive increase in the number of loans that avoid foreclosure sale.”
    According to Gerald Shapiro, CEO of LOGS Network, “Throughout our history we have prided
    ourselves on leveraging our national footprint to introduce innovative cost savings and process
    improvements to the industry we serve. By aligning ourselves with other business leaders in this
    space to integrate loss mitigation and home equity retention efforts on behalf of our customers,
    we believe we can once again tap an underutilized resource – the local foreclosure counsel’s
    contact with delinquent borrowers – to bring value to loan servicers and their investors”.
    About LOGS Network
    For more than three decades, LOGS Network professionals have represented the mortgage
    servicing and consumer credit industries, concentrating on the risk-sensitive areas of loss
    mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, title, and REO management. LOGS built its
    reputation on the foundation of a unique, centrally managed network of attorneys, trustees, title
    personnel and collection staff that consistently performs at or above industry standards.
    For more information about LOGS Network, contact Gerald Alt at (847) 291-9100, ext. 4130 or jalt@logs.com.
    Contact: Gerald Alt
    LOGS Network
    Phone: (847) 770-4130
    Fax: (847) 291-1039
    4201 Lake Cook Road
    Northbrook, IL 60062

  4. lisamarie says:

    Shapiro use to be the firm against me. It started with Daniel Consuegra went to Shapiro and now is with Squire Sanders Dempsey. Why do they keep changing law firms????

  5. PJ says:

    2 more tidbit’s HEART Financial is a Loan Modification outfit… and records in CO. indicate that a Gerald M. Shapiro recently purchased a $4 million dollar parcel of property in Steam Boat Springs… in any-case some one should alert the powers that be that it looks like Mr. Shapiro is a “strategic defaulter”

  6. FKA says:

    HaHaha…You crack me up!

  7. Flex says:

    Ohh! God All Mighty! Alleluyahh!!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    My fellow citizens, this is the turning point. As many of us believe there is a God, many of us also believe in Karma. I can not wait to see what develops out of this. It will be great to see Mr. Shapiro on the other side of the bench facing the judge. This will be more than Hilarious! What do you think the judge will ask Mr. Shapiro?
    I would love to see the face of Mr. Shapiro if he has any objection when the other party, the plaintiff ask the judge they have the right to foreclose due to non-payment of the note.
    Remember, it has been said for the top litigator lawyers that asking for the note is not good enough.
    Let’s see if Mr. Shapiro’s defense can build a case and show the judge all the prefabricated evidence they are used to present in court.
    Let’s celebrate with a song that comes to mind, Guns and Roses. “Every rose has its thorn”
    God Bless You and God Bless America.
    Justice for all!

  8. indio007 says:

    Well it might be interesting to find out how an insider defends the mortgage. Maybe he knows they don’t have the note either.

  9. KT says:

    Im being sued by the Shapiro lawyers, Shapiro & Morley and aslo Shapiro & Kreishman, for CitiMortgage…
    Love these little tid bits if infomation!

    Thank-you for your hard work and dedication to this cause!

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