Full Deposition of William Hultman – Secretary and Treasurer of MERSCORP

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Full depo below…




Full Deposition of William Hultman – Secretary and Treasurer of MERSCORP

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  1. indio007 says:

    here’s my favorite part . What an admission of fraud and a probable violation of labor law!
    oes MERS have any salaried employees?
    A No.
    Q Does MERS have any employees?
    A Did they ever have any? I couldn’t hear you.
    Q Does MERS have any employees currently?
    A No.
    Q In the last five years has MERS had any
    A No.
    Q To whom do the officers of MERS report?
    A The Board of Directors.
    Q To your knowledge has Mr. Hallinan ever
    reported to the Board?
    A He would have reported through me if there was
    something to report.
    Q So if I understand your answer, at least the
    MERS officers reflected on Hultman Exhibit 4, if they
    had something to report would report to you even though
    you’re not an employee of MERS, is that correct?
    MR. BROCHIN: Object to the form of the
    A That’s correct.
    Q And in what capacity would they report to you?
    A As a corporate officer. I’m the secretary.
    Q As a corporate officer of what?
    Of MERS.
    Q So you are the secretary of MERS, but are not
    an employee of MERS?
    A That’s correct.

    How many assistant secretaries have you
    appointed pursuant to the April 9, 1998 resolution; how
    many assistant secretaries of MERS have you appointed?
    A I don’t know that number.
    Q Approximately?
    A I wouldn’t even begin to be able to tell you
    right now.
    Q Is it in the thousands?
    A Yes.
    Q Have you been doing this all around the
    country in every state in the country?
    A Yes.
    Q And all these officers I understand are unpaid
    officers of MERS?
    A Yes.
    Q And there’s no live person who is an employee
    of MERS that they report to, is that correct, who is an
    MR. BROCHIN: Object to the form of the
    A There are no employees of MERS.

  2. James M says:

    I have tracked down another depo from him taken in 2009

  3. James M says:

    The exhibits would be very interesting. This is primarily a depo about exhibits. The depo without the exhibits does not seem to evidence very much so hopefully someone will find, or ask for a copy of the exhibits.

    I find it interesting that he states he has only had his depo taken 4 times before. MERS must be very good at deflecting subpoenas. I would like to see the other 4 depos too.

    This gent is a key lynch pin in the authorization process. I also have scanned the depo and a KEY thing not touched on is the difference between the appointment of singing officers and the list of officers filed with the Secretary or Department of State in each of the States MERS does business. Since he signed some of the filings with the states this was a very big missed opportunity.

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