Oh No They Didn’t! PB Post – Legislature Did NOT Approve $9.6 Million for Judges to Listen ONLY to “Lenders”

“If Judge Colton was wrong,”
Judge Blanc said,
“the case can be appealed, and it will come back.”


Gotta love that Chief Judge Blanc…

Some other notable quotes from this fine upstanding Judge…

“We are bringing in senior judges and we’ve hired case managers to be of assistance to senior judges to plow through the cases,” Chief Judge Blanc said. (FL Bar News)

Even before the new money arrived, Blanc said, “I tried to be very stingy with senior judges” on call for sick judges and emergencies. (FL Bar News)

“I’ve read about some claims of fraud on the part of lenders. And, of course, it only becomes an issue if it’s pled in the case. I like to hope if there’s any fraud, that it wouldn’t be widespread. . . . I mention that because it’s a variable, and I don’t know if it will be a factor.” Blanc Said. (PB Post)

So, you are saying you allow known massive fraud to infect your court but it only becomes an issue if it is pled?

Guess he was Judge Sasser’s Mentor…

“I haven’t seen any widespread problem,” Sasser said.


So, the press is really starting to catch on to the issues we have been screaming about for over a year!

Finally, they are listening, thanks to GMAC…

Anyway, check out the article at the Palm Beach Post and make sure to get your comments in there…

And if you haven’t read my take on all this yet LINK – Foreclosure Fraud, Rocket Dockets, Senior Judges and Judicial Bonuses I suggest you do…



Legislature did not approve $9.6 million for judges to listen only to lenders

By The Palm Beach Post

Last month, Palm Beach County Senior Judge Roger Colton opened his afternoon foreclosure session by telling homeowners that he’d heard all their stories before, and he would give them a maximum of five months before letting lenders take their homes.

“I know all about the Chinese drywall problems. I know all about sickness,” Judge Colton said. “I know all about divorce. I know all about anything else as to why we find ourselves in this position today.”

In the first case, Judge Colton signed a final summary judgment giving Everhome Mortgage Co. the right to foreclose on a Lake Worth couple’s home despite their attorney’s objections that Everhome had failed to prove that it owns the note. Foreclosure defense lawyers cite the case as an egregious example of Florida’s so-called “rocket docket,” the process of expediting foreclosure cases through the courts by siding with lenders.

That was not the intent of state legislators this year when they appropriated $9.6 million to reduce the foreclosure backlog. Though the state has set a goal of reducing the more than 500,000 cases by 62 percent within a year, that goal should be met by handling each case based on its merit and not by watching the clock. That’s particularly important given the fraud perpetrated by lenders – many of which knowingly issued loans to buyers who couldn’t afford them – and their attorneys.

Tampa-based Florida Default Law Group has been withdrawing legal affidavits in its GMAC Mortgage foreclosure cases, acknowledging that information it gave to courts may have been inaccurate. The affidavits supposedly attest to the validity of documents submitted to verify that a lender has the right to foreclose. Florida law requires that lenders prove ownership of the note underlying the mortgage.

In the case before Judge Colton, attorney Loretta Bangor questioned the validity of affidavits submitted by Everhome’s attorney, a lawyer with Shapiro & Fishman, one of three firms under investigation by the Florida attorney general for “unfair and deceptive actions” in foreclosure cases. Judge Colton, one of two retired judges hired to handle foreclosures under the new state program, did not ask to see the documents. Nor did he question Shapiro & Fishman about the validity of the documents.

Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said foreclosure cases are new to most judges in the circuit. Three years ago, there were 3,000, which the chief judge handled in his or her spare time. This spring, the backlog was more than 50,000 cases. The court, he said, has provided some training to judges and plans to do more.

Now head over to the Palm Beach Post article here…

And be sure to get your comments in…

I took the liberty of posting the actual transcript of Judge Colton’s hearing below for everyone to get a larger picture of what is going on in the Florida Court System EVERY DAY!!!

Where is the Attorney General’s office in all of this???

Why no decisions yet on their investigations???

Are they afraid that the internal affairs investigation into their Tampa’s office, RE its connection to the Florida Default Law Group, hitting the mainstream news??? (hint hint mainstream)

LINK – Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group




PBC Rocket Docket 101 – Judges Against the Backlog Unite (Transcript)
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9 Responses to “Oh No They Didn’t! PB Post – Legislature Did NOT Approve $9.6 Million for Judges to Listen ONLY to “Lenders””
  1. Parker says:

    Judge Roger B. Colton; Rubber stamp for banks. The man is in the bank’s pocket. He does hearings that do not require the bank to actually file a motion, but allows the bank to verbally state a motion at the time of the hearing, and without any argument from either side, states he will take it under advisement and give a ruling in a week or so. He rules in the bank favor the same day and but only latters mails the ruling which arrives in 8 days, not too bad for a 30 mile distance and w/o a post mark thereby reducing your time to file for an appeal and ask the appellate court for an emergency hearing to stay the sale.
    Constitutional guarantees for due process are circumvented by this vindictive old man who works for the banks interests for his personal gain.

  2. Jupiter homeowner says:

    Judge Colton did the same to us. Said he had to review our case it would take at least a week to make a ruling. He ruled in favor of the bank after we walked out of the court room!!!
    Never reviewed our case if he did, he would of seen the law shows the case would have to be dismissed, and would not be allowed to re file, The plantiff”s witness sais under oath they didnt own the “loan or note ” The Plantiff was taken over more than a year prior to filing the lis pending and was no longer a ” bank ” and there was never a asignment made to any other bank
    we need to stand out grounds agiant these banks and judges taking our homes !!!!
    Appeals ourt here I come

  3. Paul Jones says:

    These judges should need to be exposed,Lets keep it up,they think what they say in that court room will never see the light of day.

  4. Lori Bangor says:

    I find it disturbing that Judge Blanc said “foreclosure cases are new to most judges in the circuit”. Judge Blanc also said that “the court has provided some training to judges and plans to do more.” This is a frightening statement. Haven’t these judges been to law school? And if they don’t know anything about foreclosure cases, shouldn’t that be even more reason to listen to both sides of the issue and make a determination on the merits? Even given that foreclosure cases may be new to “most judges in the circuit”, surely they are familiar with the basics of any civil litigation, namely the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Evidence. If you follow the rules, a foreclosure case is no different than any other civil matter. Foreclosure defendants may or may not have winning arguments, but we can’t win if we can’t make them.

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