Can it be True? Fraud Digest – Mortgage Fraud JPMorgan Chase Barbara Hindman et al

Chase Home Finance, LLC
Whitney Cook
Beth Cottrell
Stacy Spohn
Christina Trowbridge

JPMorgan Chase
Washington Mutual Bank

Margaret Dalton
Barbara Hindman
Lender Processing Services
Long Beach Mortgage

Action Date: September 30, 2010
Location: New York, NY

On September 29, 2010, financial giant JP Morgan Chase announced it was suspending 56,000 foreclosures because its documents may have been “submitted without proper review.” To assist JPMorgan Chase, Fraud Digest suggests that it dismiss those actions where the Affidavits or Mortgage Assignments were signed by the following robo-signers: Beth Cottrell, Whitney Cook, Christina Trowbridge and Stacy Spohn from the Chase Home Finance office in Franklin County, OH; Margaret Dalton and Barbara Hindman from the Jacksonville, FL office of JPMorgan Chase; and any of the Lender Processing Services robo-signers from the Dakota County, MN office including Christina Allen, Liquenda Allotey, Christine Anderson, Alfonzo Greene, Laura Hescott, Bethany Hood, Cecelia Knox, Topako Love, Jodi Sobotta, Eric Tate, Amy Weis and Rick Wilken. In particular, JP Morgan Chase should look at those cases where the bank has supposedly assigned mortgages to WaMu, WMALT, Long Beach Mortgage Company and NovaStar trusts years after the closing dates of these trusts. The number of questionable or fraudulent documents is likely to be much closer to 560,000 than to 56,000, and that will only be a good beginning.

Lynn Szymoniak

For more on Barbara and others just like her, check out my Foreclosure Fraud Guide that I published last year.



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One Response to “Can it be True? Fraud Digest – Mortgage Fraud JPMorgan Chase Barbara Hindman et al”
  1. John P Hayes, Jr. says:

    My family was victimized by Chase from 2002 to 2008. A mortgage was taken out by my mom on an investment property at what seemed to be a good rate, with favorable terms. The deed was held in an Illinois Land Trust. She had been assured by the closer and attorney that she had purchased mortgage insurance at the time of closing. Another offer arrived by mail…she thought she responded affirmatively to that insurance offer, as well…instead of mortgage insurance, Chase issued an extended warranty for a personal computer allegedly owned by mom in the rental property that was occupied by strangers! The original “coverage” was some type of “credit Protector” arrangment, entitling her to free FICO Score Checks and the like, plus something like an AFLAC daily cash indemnity for hospital confinement!

    Chase diligently and profitably collected the payments directly from each mortgage payment she sent, and after her death, from each payment I made on behalf of the trust. She had confirmed numerous times with her “Chase Personal Advisor” that the coverages were correct and in place…and only weeks before her death, he took unfair and self-serving advantage of that trust and confidence and he persuaded her to roll-over hundreds of common shares in a self-directed IRA from an institution that handles Totten Trusts in its’ agreements to Chase, which does not…the former custodian would have disbursed the shares to her heirs per her will….Chase insisted the shares had to be sold, and the funds distributed, causing the heirs to pay thousands of dollars in unnecessary and wasteful income taxes! NASD basically ignored attempts to grieve about this! So much for industry guardians!

    So, after mom dies, what happened? I paid the mortgage, and tried to have statements mailed to me and the other beneficiaries and heirs but was told I was an unknown person, despite presenting my durable power of attorney and letter of domicillary per our state’s laws…I faxed, and sent these and the trust instrument by certified mail seven times to some address in Columbus, OH….to the attention of their Trust Counsel…the phone reps and bank personnel could never find them! I could never get any cooperation in any service matters from this company. They are by definition, an evil organization!

    So, they cashed the mortgage checks, converted the payments into deposits into Chase’s general account, but failed to credit our Trust’s mortgage account.
    As court records later showed, they made numerous unsuccessful attempts to foreclose on the properties, beginning only two weeks after mom died. They steadfastly refused to tell me what the extra charges were that were cryptically described as “optional Coverages” on the trust mortgage statements. They rebuffed my attorney, too.

    We ran into financial difficulty three and one half years later, then, after being sixty days late with a payment, were served with foreclosure documents. We sold thirty days later at a price slightly below what was paid originally for the investment property, and at about seventy percent of comparables for the property that secured the loan….I feel they are culpable in the matter, they agreed to refund about half of the money wasted on this ricdiulous PC Coverage as :unearned premium.” The other coverage is being totally ignored by them. And they are turning the matter of mortgage insurance around on us, saying the burden of proof is on us. I will never do business with this group, and advise all whom I know that they do so at their peril, based on our experiences. Will we ever get justice, at least adequate reimbursement fo rth epain, suffering , financial losses, and insecurity? I am open to joining a class action, fyi

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