Judicial Corruption? You Decide – Judge Rules in Favor of So-Called Foreclosure Mill

All I ever do on this site is provide facts and empower readers to come to their own conclusions.

Here is my latest example…

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A Palm Beach County judge ruled in favor of law firm Shapiro & Fishman today, saying the state attorney general has no power to subpoena or investigate law firms.

Judge Jack S. Cox quashed a subpoena filed by the attorney general seeking information regarding Shapiro & Fishman’s forelcosure-related practices.

Cox said it is the Florida Bar’s responsibility to investigate law firms, not the attorney general.

“It should also be observed,” Cox noted in his ruling, “that the subpoena served by the attorney general is not only overbroad, vague, inconsistent and unduly burdensome, but it is both invasive and highly unlikely to reveal actionable conduct on the part of the Shapiro firm.”


“overbroad, vague, inconsistent and unduly burdensome”

Has anyone received that same answer from the Foreclosure Mill on their request?

“Has no power to subpoena or investigate law firms.”

Why are they trying to protect these fraudsters? If they have done nothing wrong, then why not answer the requests?

How about we do it like this then.

Let’s play…

Florida Citizens v Shapiro & Fishman, Foreclosure Mills, et al.

You up for it? We are…

We have nothing left to lose…

Arent you a “deadbeat” yourself Mr Shapiro?

Gerald M. Shapiro of Shapiro & Fishman, CEO of LOGS Group, Faces Foreclosure



But aside from that how about we look at this from a post I did back in August…

LINK – Shapiro & Fishman Accuses McCollum of Grandstanding, Files Motion to Quash Subpoena in Palm Beach County Circuit Court

The firm’s response came Friday in a motion to quash a subpoena in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.

Why, do you ask…

Well, I am no expert on getting subpoenaed by the Attorney General, but I do have an inquisitive mind…

Is it because Shapiro and Fishmans’ attorney, Gerald Richman of Richman Greer, is located in Palm Beach County?

Or is it because Gerald Richman of Richman Greer is so tight with PBC Chief Judge Peter Blanc they decided that would be their best venue?

Quote from the LINK – Daily Business Review

After a call was made to Sasser’s office seeking comment, attorney Gerald Richman of Richman Greer in West Palm Beach called the Review. He said he “heard” about the article and wanted to speak in support of the judge on behalf of the American Board of Trial Advocates, which he said normally responds to what might be “unfair criticism of judges.”

When pressed about how he found out the Review was working on this article, he said Palm Beach Circuit Chief Judge Peter Blanc asked him to call in support of Sasser, who is prevented from commenting about pending cases and motions for recusal by judicial canon.

You can check out that full article here…

Never understood why they would send in an attorney that represents a foreclosure mill to defend a Judge that was being accused of favoring foreclosure mills, but who am I to question that decision…

I guess Blanc and Richman must be pretty good friends for him to call on him like that…

Anyway, it might be nothing, but my tinfoil hat has been acting up lately so one never knows.

Well it looks like my tinfoil hat is still broken…

I dunno, just sayin…

Now get over on every site that is pushing this propaganda and get involved in the comments and direct them to these facts…




Shapiro Fishman v State of Florida Attorney General – Order Granting Petition to Quash

23 Responses to “Judicial Corruption? You Decide – Judge Rules in Favor of So-Called Foreclosure Mill”
  1. Red says:

    At the pig claiming fraud..do your research! Judge brad stetson was then a family law judge but had just came out from doing 3 years on the civil bench! It’s not his fault or anyone else’s if you were behind on your payments!

  2. NM says:

    It is frustrating but the Judge Cox has a point. The power to investigate attorney misconducts rests with courts or bar. There are alternatives to get around this set back, though. We can file a class action lawsuit against the law firms and the AG office still can subpoena the same documents from mortgage servicers.

    • Officer of the Law says:

      Cite the exemption from the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act which prohibits the Attorney General from investigating attorneys. If there was one, don’t you think Judge Cox or Richman would have been able to cite it?

      According to you and Judge Cox, attorneys can do anything including commit crimes, but no one other than the Florida Bar can investigate or discipline them. Did you forget about equal rights or liberty and justice for all?

      It should be obvious that the prosecutors are feeling the heat due to their obvious failure to hold any of these criminals accountable for their crimes, and some are starting to take action.

      I expect Judge Cox to go to jail before too long, and he will be in the company of his friends from the big bad banks, their attorneys and those who do favors them.

  3. Officer of the Law says:

    It is time for the Attorney General to present evidence to the Statewide Grand Jury.

  4. James M says:

    Judge Cox is running for re-election.

    He is fundamentally wrong: The AG’s has a right to investigate and prosecute ANY crime in Florida.

    Florida bar does not have the power to convict criminals, it’s only power is to enforce it’s own rules of professional conduct and ultimately, the most it can do is disbar lawyers.

    The AG has jurisdiction and a MANDATE to prosecute crimes in the State of Florida. That is his job.

    The AG also has a duty, as does every other officer of the State and officers of the State Courts, to protect the integrity of the public records.

    Past AG’s have issued written opinions strongly warning other state officers and clerks of courts about this duty. It is a duty the AG cannot himself ignore, especially when the statutes state that recording fraudulent documents in the public record is a felony, as is causing them to be recorded (preparing them and having them recorded even if not in your hand) and / or recording documents to perpetrate a felony.

    I think you will see an emergency appeal from the AG’s office. Maybe not. He is a pussy and also running for office. When I first read the subpoenas I thought he is going after the wrong documents and the wrong issues. Incidentally I also thought they were going to be challenged as over board. They could have been better crafted.

    I think we may well find out someone has empaneled a grand jury that is looking into this matter. This could lead to indictments and search warrants, where the state or feds come in and take away not just the documents requested, but ALL their documents and computers. Thy don’t like doing that to law firms because of the attorney client privilege involved, but if pushed, the AG just might.

    I notice a number of people telling me they cannot talk about xxx or yyy, but I will find out more later. I hope this is not because their counsel has asked them not to talk, and hope it is not because they are too paranoid, but because there is a real criminal investigation going on somewhere.

    Why would a judge enter an opinion that even a first year law student could figure out was horribly wrong? Maybe it is a way of buying S&F time to dispose of the bodies by cleaning up their files?
    Maybe it is because he thinks the Appellate court will agree the subpoena is over broad and withstand appellate challenge on that issue alone, hoping the appellate court restricts it’s ruling to that issue and lets the snub to the AG pass.

    Maybe the AG will let it slide, comeing back with a whole series of very narrow and targeted subpoenas. Each one a narrow targeted request, for example:

    A) Every AOM prepared by S&F and executed after the action commenced, along with the associated pleading.
    B) All communications, documents and payments between S&F and DOCX,
    C) Same for FIS & LPS & Saxon Mortgage

  5. lucy says:

    With all these corruption from top to bottom, no wonder the country is in this mess.
    We need to clean up the corruption, one step at a time. Only “we” the people can do this, we need to rally, group support and inform everyone. EXPOSE,!!!! IN THEIR FACE !!! NEVER GIVE UP !!!

  6. dormanmom says:

    At least one and a half years ago I attempted to expose this rampant fraud. I created a criminal complaint, and delt it all over the state of Florida. I contacted the AG, they passed me to the Florida Department of Financial Regulation, The departement of Fin. Reg sent me to the Federal Reserve here I was stonewalled. I passed it to the local AG, they passed me to the local sherriff, at the Sherrifs office I was treated like a criminal. I passed it to my local reps. Every single entity said the same things…..”This is a foreclosure issue, you need to take it to the civil court.” And, so I did!!! I sued the servicer, the foreclsure mill (Ben-Ezra and Katz) and their partners for fraud an conspiracy.
    If ANYONE is brave enough and interested in doing the same, let me know I will share my complaint for fraud and conspiracy. I has taken 3 amendments but I finally have their attention and I can tell you I HAVE THEM.
    Be fearless!!!! Don’t give up!!! Don’t give in!!! and don’t let them break you.

    • Maria says:

      It is exactly ‘CIRCLE’ I had, they push our Complaints to each other and no one want to be responsible. Please, DORMANMOM, send me your Complaint, they do pretty much the same offence. My Complaint almost ready but I need to correct something. My E-mail: mc737@juno.com. If anyone has same advice I am open to consider it. Thank you so much! Million thanks to holders of this website! God bless you!

    • Annie Place says:

      I would be interested. I have been one of those concientious struggling homeowners and have been current on my mortgage until this month. I recieved notice from the Servicer that my interest rate had been reduced by .5% and yet my mortgage had increased by $112. Nothing they tell me makes any logical sense so I told them I would see them in court. I am stuck in an option arm which I was NOT Informed of prior to signing. So the battle starts here, and I would really appreciate any guidance you can offer.

    • Allison McConway says:

      I am interested! Please email me @ alliebuster2@yahoo.com

  7. dormanmom says:

    Simply…. The Fla AG’s job is to investigate CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!!!

  8. Maria says:

    Everyone, who committed FRAUD UNDER COLOR OF LAW (Lawyer, Judge, President of the USA) can be sued in their INDIVIDUAL and OFFICIAL CAPACITIES. Title 42 USC, # 1983, “EVERY PERSON who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of ANY State or territory, subsects, or causes to be subjected, any CITIZEN of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the DEPRIVATION of ANY RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, IMMUNITIES secured by the Constitution and laws, SHALL BE LIABLE TO THE PARTY INJURED in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for REDRESS”. Another words, if Judge will take your house UNLAWFULLY you can sue him/her for DAMAGES. Consider: Title 18 USC, 371 (conspiracy to obstruct justice); T. 18USC #241, 242 (conspiracy to violate civil rights & violation them); T. 18, # 1621 (perjury) and other ##-s of Title 18. in 1996, Congress passed a law to overcome this ruling, which stated that JUDICIAL IMMUNITY DOES NOT EXIST; citizens can sue judges for prospective injunctive relief. See Us Constitution Art. I, Sec 9 &10, :No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States; and “No State shall …grant any Title of Nobility”. Judicial immunity does not exist for JUDGES who engage in criminal activity, for JUDGES who connive with, aid and abet the criminal activity of other JUDGE, or to a JUDGE for damages sustained by a person who has been harmed by the JUDGE”S connivance with, aiding and abetting, ANOTHER JUDGE’S criminal activity. “No man in this country is so high that he is above the law, ….ALL the officers of the government, from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the LAW and THEY ARE BOUND TO OBEY IT” [US v. Lee, 106 US 196, 220 1 S. Ct. 240, 261, 271 L. Ed. 171 (1882)]!!!!!!!! So sue them all, if nedeed. If, at least one of judges will pay for your lost house and pay couple of millions for emotional distress, OTHERS WILL START TO READ OUR MOTIONS and read FAKE papers provided by Corporations & mills. This is the ONLY REMEDY. Nothing other – DO NOT WORK! Trust me.

  9. I’ve been going off for about 3 yrs now because of this group! It’s called the banking cartel mafia! They can do no wrong because their government lawyers! Bullshit! Truth is the foreclosure firms are to blame for the most of it! Trust me I’m living proof of this. Please also let me say these news agencies acting like they give a dam are so full of it its not funny! Same for anyone that is suppose to STAND UP FOR US!

    In Feb 2oo4 I lost my job at NARS because they lied about having the right to sell mortgage notes for Chase! There’s proof that even though Nars wasn’t sued Chase was! For $170,000 plus $300-$500,000 face value of notes.

    They lie lie lie! The collection agency I worked for continually encouraged us to break the law to make them the $$$$ for their bonus checks! They don’t like it when you tell them that you OBEYED THE LAW! THAT you made SURE YOU had files PULLED in the best interests of the CLIENT! I can’t tell you how many times I’d ask my boss a ??? and he’d be like the CLIENT CHASE placed it here, they know its here now COLLECT IT!
    Usually they encourage blind dialing which causes issues. They don’t want you to know what your up against before you call so you can try to be educated about your attempt to LEGALLY COLLECT A DEBT!

    But because their the mafia cartel they don’t even get cuffs! Therefore the judges need them!!! They could of stopped this 3 yrs ago. But NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM!!! However, we’ve found a way to eliminate the need to foreclose and stimulate the economy to benefit people more than our current system. Maybe judges and these foreclosure mill attorneys will go out of biz! Wouldn’t that be a miracle! By the way the BANKS Love our new product….I think the HOMEOWNERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS WILL TO …

    Having worked inside for these guys I can tell u lie lie lie…Judges recuse when you tell them WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TRUTH! TRUST ME THEY DID ON ME!!! Same thing as in Florida…Think I’ve ever gotten a call from the MO Bar???? Yep! That’s RIGHT NOTA ZILCH!

    What I’ve received is outright lies and corruption! By not only my own attorney, but the judges even after two separate ones recused. Some people beg for RECUSALS….I begged for HELP once I got caught in their TRAP OF HOME STEALING. I thought the TRUTH is what your SUPPOSE TO TELL IN A COURT OF LAW! DAM WAS I WRONG! Even if you have a way to pay off everything you own in 5 days or less isn’t good enough for these thieves! What they’ve been allowed to do with everyone’s BLIND TRUST in them to do the RIGHT THING IS WRONG!

    I know I’m not the only one who has faced the nightmare now! I PROMISE I’ve tried my best for EVERY AMERICAN! But it’s not good enough we’re just like gum on the bottom of their feet! We’re lucky if it STICKS to any sense of MORALITY AND HONESTY AT ALL!

    • Maria says:

      Sue corrupted JUDGES without lawyer, read the Statutes, State Rules of Civil Procedure… Lawyer who next time will deal with the same Judge or his friends in the same Court will have lot’s of troubles. They will afraid to stand for you. So, be PRO SE. By the way, The Florida Bar extremelly quickly closed ALL my Complaints against mill-Lawyers and recommend me to sue them. So, it is perfectly O.K. to prsecute them in COURTS. No White House, no Congresspeople will not help us…. They have other “important” issues: gay marriges, abortions (did they expect us to give birth at streets for more …homeless statistic?). WAKE UP EVERYONE AND ACT, ACT, ACT!!! Not all Lawyers bad, asked them for advice for aforable fees. JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!

  10. Parettia says:

    This is not surprising! I had a judge(Robert K. Rouse, Jr., 7th Judicial, DeLand, FL) recused from my foreclosure case for tampering with evidence. Case was later reassigned to another judge(Randall Rowe) in the same district and division. Later case was reassigned a second time to a judge in a different jurisdiction(Brad Stetson, 4th Judicial, Jaxville, FL) to hear, conduct, try and to determine the outcome by R. Fred Lewis, Chief Justice Supreme Court of Florida. What’s amazing, Judge Stetson accepted he said “the challenged because he found my defenses/accusations to be interesting and this was his first foreclosure case.” He is a Family Court judge. So I was the guinea pig and was evicted out of my home. So happen, Shapiro & Fishman was the Attorney for Wells Fargo. In the hearing the Attorney said nothing, even after I presented my case. You may ask why? Well, because Judge Stetson had already determined the outcome, regardless of the fraud that I mention against Wells Fargo and Shapiro & Fishman. Not all judges are bad, but their are some that do not care for due process or people period. It would not surprise me if some of these judges are not making back door deals with the Foreclosure Mills(Law Offices of Marshall C Watson, David J. Stern and Shapiro & Fishman). What do you think will happen now w/Shapiro & Fishman in relations to this? I was one that submitted my complaint to Fl Attorney General Bill McCollum.

  11. fed up says:

    I think it is important that we do not paint all judges with the same brush. Judge Garrison seems to take the fraud issues seriously. It is the others I worry about. I do not expect judges to always rule in the homeowner’s favor if justice does not require it, but I do expect them stomp out fraud and punish those who commit it in their courtrooms! Why is it federal bankruptcy judges fine counsel $275 each time they forget to file a certificate of service and have fined law firms hundreds of thousands of dollars, but some of the state court judges allow fraud to occur in the courtroom? I would bet if the state court judges fined Plaintiff’s counsel $275 each time they did not verify a complaint it would stop and so would some of the backlog. They have the inherent authority to sanction. Why don’t they put it to good use? Also why haven’t the judges referred the law firms to the Florida Bar? They absolutely can and should pursuant to judicial cannons. The Florida Bar typically does not investigate unless the complaint is from the client or by court order. Thank you to the press for continuing to report. Keep up the good work for the public.

  12. dan says:

    I love it. Judge uses” vague” excuse, yet these Judges are allowing vague evidence. What a joke. We all need to write to our political leaders, attorney general, sec of state, senators, etc. This is an election year, hopefully they will hear the voice of the people.

  13. Diana Cessna says:

    In addition, Cox said, the attorney general lacks jurisdiction to investigate the firm. That authority lies with the Supreme Court and the Florida Bar Association, his order said


    Remember the recent letter of response from the clerk of the State Supreme Court?

  14. Diana Cessna says:

    Very interesting especially in light of the fact that the banks are finally admitting to the problems with the flaws (fraud) in their foreclosure documentation. They will no doubt be scapegoating these foreclosure mills to distract from their own violations. Not that the foreclosure mills don’t deserve blame, they just aren’t the only guilty participants.

  15. Unless the citizens unite to stop corruption, it will continue. Citizens that seek to unite will have group power at the ballot box. It is the only power to stop an abuse of judicial power. Interested? email associated772002@yahoo.com

  16. Diana Cessna says:

    Judge Cox was appointed (not elected) in 2008 by Crist after previous Judge resigned and ran for reelection unopposed in 2010. Independent and elected judiciary, really? What other information do we know about Judge Cox?

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