3,2,1, BOOM – Zero Hege – Wells Caught Lying About Affidavit Practices After Clerk Admits She RoboSigned

Buffett’s Pet Bank Joins The Fraudclosure Circus: Wells Caught Lying About Affidavit Practices After Clerk Admits She RoboSigned

The last bank, and arguably the one that has the most to lose, Wells Fargo, which up until now has fervently denied it engaged in robosigning and thus refused to halt foreclosures, has just been LINK – caught red-handed by the FT. In a sworn deposition, which will certainly lead to a foreclosure halt by Warren Buffett’s pet bank, and confirmation that WFC was merely lying like everyone else on Wall Street, the Financial Times has obtained legal documents that prove Wells was merely one of many. Per the FT: “Legal documents obtained by the Financial Times suggest that Wells Fargo, the second-largest US mortgage servicer, also used a “robo signer”. Unlike its rivals, Wells Fargo has not halted foreclosures. The San Francisco-based bank said on Tuesday it was reviewing some pending cases, but it has maintained that it has checks and balances designed to prevent serious procedural lapses.” Now that Wells’ checks and balances end up neither checking nor balancing, perhaps it is time for Charlie Munger to tell the shareholders of Wells to “suck it in“, as the bank is about to be faced with a rather simple dilemma: beg for TARP 2 (and confirm that Munger, and his partner, are nothing but a bunch of pathetic senile hypocrites) and thus more taxpayer bailouts, or see a huge portion of its shareholder value (and thus Charlie Munger’s precious, precious money) about to be wiped out.

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7 Responses to “3,2,1, BOOM – Zero Hege – Wells Caught Lying About Affidavit Practices After Clerk Admits She RoboSigned”
  1. Kathryn L. Harper says:

    Does anyone know of any attorneys in the ATL Ga area? EVERY one I have spoken to so far don’t have a clue about any of this.

  2. John R. says:

    I’ve been fighting Wells for 3 years now. After pulling Discovery I have all the doc’s that supposedly pass this note from any one entity to any other entity and guess what… NONE BEAR ANY SIGNATURES!!! I have an affidavit signed by a known robo-signer. Nobody’s gotten a hold of me. I’m feeling left out here! What’s a matter Wells, Cat got your tongue?

    • Elyse says:

      I too have been fighting Wells Fargo and MERS and US Bank and they are NOT coming through with ANY Discovery motions whatsoever!! I have all the docs myself that pretty much show the robo signature on a MERS assignment and Deed Of Trust and several instruments from the County Recorders, however, I need to see what they have in the way of Documents and they keep hitting me with Demurrers??

      What was your strongest tool to get Discovery?


  3. *if you DON’T get your State organized, who will?

    ** Nancy Koerber (Oregon)

    Sorry about all my typo’s lately. I am very tired.

  4. Reggie in PHOENIX says:

    I hear so much help going on in Florida but you know, we out here in Arizona are screwed……..NO ONE get’s it and if they do they are thieves like the banksters. They want their share! It is frankly getting tiresome.

    • Reggie, activism is about organization. If you get get your State organized, who will? Contact Christine Springer. I belive she is in Arizona.

      If you guys don’t organize and fight, you will have your homes CONFISCATED!

      Nancie Koeber is a fantasitc organizer out of Oregon. She can also help your group out.

      Many foreclosure activism notes can be found on our site as well. Some days it will feel like herding cats, but in the end, it will be worth it. Be patient, yet committed.

      Good luck!

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