BAM! Florida Economic Crime Division of The Attorney General Subpoenas to LPS, Lender Processing Services, DOCX

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Florida Attorney General Subpoena LPS Lender Processing Services

Florida Attorney General Subpoena DOCX

8 Responses to “BAM! Florida Economic Crime Division of The Attorney General Subpoenas to LPS, Lender Processing Services, DOCX”
  1. Elaine S says:

    Prevention of future harm is very important, but so is cure of the harm already done to the individuals that were the victims of the fraud. I smell blanket settlement rather that just restitution being set up. Clear title is an individual matter and can’t be blanket solved any more than what was done by the mass milling of the documents to begin with or the state repeats the same error they are trying to prosecute. Let the State know you know this now. That blanket settlements fo past damage is not nearly sufficient restition, until clear titles are restored.

  2. Elaine S says:

    Prioritized timeliness of review is urgent in this matter. This supoena is rather meaningless due to sheer volume unless a very large FL legal workforce is assigned to review documents. Sounds like new jobs for a slew of paralegals. Other wise the reviewers will have the same problem as the original loan processsors they are reviewing. Too much for too few manpower.

    Also per the statutes provided: does a person get immunity if claimed, when providing documents if those same documents were already of record or provided also from elsewhere than from the person(s) providing same after claiming immunity? Otherwise the little fish fry while the big fish swim away laughing.

  3. Borrower says:

    Mike, this is must see report, a investor guru, predicts what is next after this mess…

    “Fannie, Freddie, and the top three banks are essentially a cartel now. They are blocking refinancing for the homeowners out there who are performing and who should be refinanced to keep their costs low and reliquify these households. Instead, the banks are writing very few mortgages but they’re putting four or five points on top compared to half a point back in 2006/2005 time frame.”

    The rest in:

  4. Louis Paul Hebert says:

    The hounds are on the scent and the foxes are on the run. Tally-ho!

  5. seth says:

    Was anyone able to download this? It is not working for me when I tried to retrieve the document. I would like to see this in a PDF

  6. lucy says:

    You can run, but you can’t hide.
    Your time is up BANKSTERS AND CO.

  7. Lit Gant says:

    Well, we have to give Billy Boy some credit, he wasn’t down on the coast with some high-priced whores brough in by the banking and foreclosure mills. He has been on top of this and thanks be to God. Ok, a note to Elizabeth Wellborn: hey Baby your clock is ticking. Soon as we know how far in the rabbit hole you went we will start collecting documents to make sure your trip to the Cayman’s is for a long time. Advice: start sending your millions overseas right now. You will need it all.

  8. dianacessna says:

    OK, some of their plan is rolling out now. The banks are obviously scapegoating the document companies. This’ll get fun.

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