Judge Denies Protective Order of Removal of Jeffrey Stephan’s Deposition from “Internet Blog”


Full Order below…




Protective Order of Removal of Jeffrey Stephan’s Deposition

16 Responses to “Judge Denies Protective Order of Removal of Jeffrey Stephan’s Deposition from “Internet Blog””
  1. Ed Loubriel says:

    Slowly but surely we will prevail……

  2. yvonne says:

    Some judges in Miami are allowing the banks attorneys from David Sterns office to ammend their original complaints without first notifying the defendant for approval or acceptance…and they are requesting that the defendant not respond….
    GMAC is not really local…but foreign, hiding behind Deutche Bank, research Deutch Bank and get an eye opener how they funded Hitler etc….and how long they have been in this country under adifferent guise…
    why is GMAC hell bent on supporting them????

    • Michael says:

      GMAC is the US Government; Treasury is the majority shareholder.

      All the “banks” that played in mortgages at the investment banking level are really just a collection of the offshore SIV’s; only the “super senior” debt was held by some US banks, and even then a lot of that was really just risk they quietly shifted back when it was clear that Treasury was going to bail them out for their incompetent lending decisions.

      We’ve broken the market, gutted our court system, allowed crooks to loot the Treasury, and now tried to gut the first amendment to protect a bunch of incompetent bond traders who refused to accept the losses they signed up for.

      Of course, the invisible hand always wins; the only question is whether it forces things into place with a gentle nudge, a hard push, or a violent smack. It’s unbeatable, and always has been.

      The paper those notes are printed on is virtually worthless: we need to stop pretending otherwise and just let the too big to fail crowd meet the destiny they signed up for. Smarter bankers will take their place who, as real bond traders like Lew Ranieri understand, will work with their borrowers not out of a sense of compassion (though nothing is wrong with that) but because that is what makes the most financial sense.

      This country is faced with what is arguably the worst crisis since the civil war; now is the time for real people, no matter what their political persuasion, race, socio-economic class, or anything else — to stand up, meet the challenge, protect one another and our children, and demand that justice be done.

      • Officer of the Law says:

        Very well said! Now is the time to stand up and demand that justice is done!!!

        Fraud is a crime, and those who commit fraud have unclean hands which bars foreclosure.

        The banksters who caused this mess need to be prosecuted, and their assets need to be seized to repay their victims, both homeowners who had their homes stolen and investors who invested in the bankers’ fraudulent securities.

      • Joyce says:

        Well said !

    • Joyce says:

      If a plaintiff lawyer lies the first time around, why is it OK for them to re-package their lie and serve it to me agaiin?

  3. Marla says:

    We are suppose to feel compassion for GMAC and its employees because they are embarrased for their own fraudulent practices. Tell me when I should start to shed a tear. They can all crawl in the holes they came from if they cannot face the fact that they did this to themselves. If the employees of GMAC are so embarrased then they should just quit their jobs. Oh wait that might mean they may into foreclosure and we can have that now can we?

  4. BlaqRubi says:

    I am LOVING IT!

  5. Michael says:

    They tried to usurp the first amendment! The first amendment!!! The cornerstone of our entire country.

    Bankers. Read the first amendment. Think about why the framers wrote it. Then read the next amendment they wrote and think about the message they were relaying should #1 ever be subject to what you just tried.

  6. ilouie says:

    Bring all these m***********f******* down……

  7. lucy says:

    hurray !!!

  8. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    Another Judge that gets it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joblogger says:

    With fees, too! ” GMAC has persisted in its unlawful document signing…”

  10. FKA says:

    More good news for the banksters! Hehehe…

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