A Bad Rap Video – ForeclosureMom Raps about Foreclosure

Mom Raps About Foreclosure

Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good” Run DMC.

Never thought it would come to this but here we have a middle aged white mother rapping about foreclosure…

Courage out of desperation I guess.

Big props to you, ForeclosureMom!



8 Responses to “A Bad Rap Video – ForeclosureMom Raps about Foreclosure”
  1. Alina says:

    wow…great video!!!! It brought tears to my eyes because everything she said is true. I could identify with just about everything in this video.

    The financial institutions are getting away with massive theft and are being assisted by the law firms and judges. We need to take our country back from these dens of thieves. They will not stop until they are forcefully stopped. Their pompous arrogance is just like Marie Antoinette’s – we all know what happened to her.

  2. Josh says:

    That was an amazing , what a sham!! I hope she gets it all back in triple

  3. Lit Gant says:

    Well now, I know her jive was not all that Jackson style, but her words made more sense than anything any rapper ever said. What she put into this video did not come from a sap, this girl got it all figured out and was able to spit it out in good measure. She identified the liars, the greed, the shysters, the corruption, and even named MERS the nominee. When will there be justice for her and 70 million more Americans. If November elections come and the Tea Party or Democrats do not speak up, vote NO to all these candidates. Vote out all the judges. Minutemen where are you?

  4. John R. says:

    good Job…. Both of ya!

  5. jose says:

    Great video, so true.
    we should send copies to all congress and their corrupt staffers. to the white house and their sold out advisers, to the regulators and to their revolving door consultants. To all the judges with egg on their face still.

    ACTIONS TO QUIET TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She is one cool and brave mom!

  7. Officer of the Law says:

    So true, so unjust and so outrageous!!! Here is another video to give you more insight about what is going on.


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