Full Deposition of Xee Moua – Wells Fargo Robosigner Extraordinaire 500 Documents a Day

First reported by the Financial Times and now they were kind enough to share the depo below…

Wells adds to crisis over home seizures

In a sworn deposition on March 9 seen by the FT, Xee Moua, identified in court documents as a vice-president of loan documentation for Wells, said she signed as many as 500 foreclosure-related papers a day on behalf of the bank.

Ms Moua, who was deposed as part of a foreclosure lawsuit in Palm Beach County, Florida, said that the only information she verified was whether her name and title appeared correctly, according to the document.

Asked whether she checked the accuracy of the principal and interest that Wells claimed the borrower owed – a crucial step in banks’ legal actions to repossess homes – Ms Moua said: “I do not.”

Ms Moua nevertheless signed affidavits that said she had “personal knowledge of the facts regarding the sums of money which are due and owing to Wells Fargo”. The affidavits were used by the bank in foreclosure proceedings.

Ms Moua added that before reaching her desk, it was her understanding that the foreclosure documents had been reviewed by outside lawyers.

Wells declined to comment on the deposition but said its records show its “foreclosure affidavits are accurate”. The bank added: “When we find team members who do not follow procedure, we fix what is done incorrectly. Until this case is resolved, we should keep in mind that a deposition does not suggest a wrongful foreclosure.”

You are correct that a deposition does not suggest a wrongful foreclosure, it is the statements within that do…

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Full deposition below…




Deposition Transcript of Xee Moua
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Deposition Transcript Exhibits of Xee Moua
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15 Responses to “Full Deposition of Xee Moua – Wells Fargo Robosigner Extraordinaire 500 Documents a Day”
  1. patricia castro says:

    please send me any signuture from shoua moua she is notary from minnesota i need to compare her signing from my document substitution of trustee

  2. Delaware says:

    We are also looking for more information on Shoua Moua. Is it confirmed is she the same as aka Xee Moua?

  3. Elaine S says:

    Why aren’t lawyers regularly arguing the doctrine of clean hands to get their lawsuits not only won, but won with prejudice, so the lenders/foreclosers can’t refile? Just on the testimony of a couple “vice presidents” literally many tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of documents have been perjury before the courts of this country.. Is Wells Fargo’s admission regarding 55,000 people, impacting their homes, families and their lives, a good starting place?

    AND, since Robo-signers in sworn depositions held themselves forth to the courts as Vice Presidents and the Bank involved took the benefits. Perhaps they, (neither bank nor individual,) can now claim they weren’t really vice presidents. And homeowners under threat of foreclosure, or even attempting to reverse a foreclosure, could hold both the banks and the individuals to the legal consequences of claiming that high level of participation?

    Will someone with legal standing to do so, please go after a major lender using the doctrine of clean hands & work to blow out the legal standing of that bank , in any court in every lawsuit in that state? Preferably in a class action lawsuit? Please, please

    It would add to the mess lenders and servicers face, for these robo signers to sue their “employers” for the insurance coverage to which a true vice-president of the company for which they signed was entitled, as they face their own civil and criminal charges. After all the banks did OK the robo-signers to sign for them by written contract through MERS, didn’t they? !!! Remember the banks and lenders these robo signers signed for, stood behind those signatures and took the benefits.

    Also also look up the doctrine of “estoppel” at the same time you are looking up the doctrine of “clean hands.” start by googling for a law dictionary. Then bring it up with your attorney.

    • Whippy FLoggman says:

      All the DEPOS I reviewed were ripped apart by the defense atty’s. I mean it is a absolute slaughter! The defense atty’s set them up, then slice their testimony apart reducing then to ZERO credibility.

  4. TC says:

    So, I wander if this Xee Moua is any relation to, or is the same as, Choua Moua as I have Shoua Moua on an assignment of mortgage.

    Closed 5-30-06
    Assignment of Mortgage EFFECTIVE 7-2-08 (not the same A of M in my closing documents)
    Lis Pendens prepared 7-16-08
    Lis Pendens attempted serve: 7-20-08, 7-23-08, and served on 7-25-08.
    Cover page of Lis Pendens prepared by foreclosure mill/firm dated 7-21-08
    Assignment of Mortgage SIGNED by Greg Allen, VP of MERS on 10-4-09
    Assignment of Mortgage RECORDED in courts 10-12-09

    Assignment of Mortgage NOTARIZED by Minnesota Notary: SHOUA MOUA

    • david victor says:

      Can you email a copy of Greg Allens Signature

      • Whippy FLoggman says:

        I have a list of BAC ROBOS if you need. I have the list, not the sigs, but the Sig are easy to look up.

    • keepon says:

      Is Shoua Moua related/the same person as xee Moua? I’m writing 7 25 2011 re: the Kozar case where the attorney exposes Xee Moua. I too need to know about Shoua.

      Did you ever find anything out?

  5. Michael says:

    A deposition does not suggest a wrongful foreclosure.

    Guess they haven’t seen the other side of the rocket docket; a whole lot less evidence is “reviewed” in about 30-seconds to take a home. What evidence is reviewed? The affidavits referenced, and usually nothing else.

    But if they want hard data my reports are flying all over that back up exactly what these robo-signers say; that they’ve filed many, many affidavits and that many of the affidavits are ludicrous. Affidavits that they lost thousands of summons, when the process servers work for and with the firms. Affidavits of lost notes (as opposed to pleading lost notes, not signed under oath until recently) where the notes always seem to miraculously appear later.

    So one depo doesn’t close a case, but one depo that is the same as a half dozen others, and that’s backed up by aggregate court records showing the same patterns … that sure does suggest a wrongful foreclosure. Or maybe a few million of them.

    Wrongful foreclosure. Civil theft. Penalty in Florida is 3x the value of the asset taken, and the defendant is still on the hook for all the other damages. Juries hear those cases, not rigged rocket docket judges.

    Sounds like a mess to me Wells.

    Michael Olenick

  6. Sipinfall says:

    May as well Check out MICALL BACKMAN, VP of BofA!

    She work history is COUNTRYWIDE, BOFA, MERS, East-West MTG, America’s Wholsale Lender. Her signatures on Affidavits are suspect, as is her Official Employment which puts her in the ROBO catagory, along with falsafying Affidavits, and possible Notary Fraud as well.

    She works in PLANO,TX. I have her Wok number @ BoFA & her home address if some needs to Supeana her.

  7. Jennifer Scott says:

    I need your organizations help. My mortgage carrier is Wells Fargo and they currently have me in foreclosure proceedings and have had to file Chapter 13 again due to several attempts for loan modification with still no easier way of catching up my loan.


    • Julie says:

      I am wells fargo as well in litigation. I can help you. Been in active litigation for about 7 months now. I work with a group of people that know exactly what they are doing. First you need to get the sale halted by calling the exec. offices of Wells Fargo. First Step. CEO office to halt. Whatever you do, do not leave your home. Please leave your email and I will contact you. I will not put my email on this site due to my active litigation at this time.

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