Foreclosuregate Video – Bloomberg Interview of Chris Whalen “Foreclosure Issue is a Cancer”



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  1. Linda Venturella says:


  2. RAMONA says:

    It scares me that even though the bank takes escrow that they dont pay the taxes to find another way to steal the property they are after. we found we had not received our proposed taxes for this year and saw you could see what they were at a web site given from the local news . I saw my homestead had been removed and we would receive the notice that it was placed back on. BUT what if we hadnt realized it before the court date. would that have given the banks and courts and even easier time to take the property? thank you to all the people who have been working so dilligently on this mess and not giving up!! THANK YOU!! We are still progressing thru this and pray we come out alive and still sane.

  3. housemanrob says:

    Mr Keitel, YOU AREN’T DOING YOUR HOMEWORK…………..are you. No offense intended. Keep at it! Suddenly it will all come together for you, like magic. Then you will be 3x as PISSED!!

  4. The investors started suing back in 2002 after RTC v. Key was decided – it apparently opened the flood gates. The investors sued for billions of $$ long before the borrowers defaulted. TARP funds were used to settle early investor lawsuits. Were the early investor lawsuits tipped off by the Hedge funds?? The even bigger story is to look for “who” bought securities MBS, ABS and ARS after 2006 when the market was already known to be collapsing and exactly who is affected… like unions and state trust funds. And was the 2nd wave [of investors] a bad investment, a prop-up or a favor?

  5. PJDJ01 says:

    This is the backside of the CDO issue. Don’t believe for a moment that just having an MBA will make you literate in all aspects of MBS. The thing that gets me in this wall street meets technology leverage calamity is that state laws become so prominent. Yet almost to a T, the brainiacs on wall street decided to circumvent them. There is no way in the world that the message of state law violations has not been heard in the halls and written in the emails of the banks for years now. (Sarbanes-Oxley, anyone?) And to think that homeowners rights would probably continue to be trampled if the investors weren’t screwed at the same time. Message to banks: Forget the foreclosures. You now have a pile of unsecured loans to go collect. You better get on with it in order to pay back the investors.

  6. Pj says:

    Next Round forclousure Via Property Tax’s… the other effect of “inflated false appraisals” that local goverments enjoyed during the boom years!

  7. Linda Venturella says:

    We the people need to get to the bottom of the whole crap pile of corruption first. I would like to know WHO (as Marcy Kaptor stated in her famous speech to congress) are the congressmen and senators that have stymied congress? It is time to pull back the curtain now and reveal who the people are that have been and still are lobbying for Wall Street and the Banksters. I understand that they block legislation to help the homeowner and they try and create new and to legislate in favor of Wall Street and the Bankster crooks. It is time we the American citizen, have a fighting chance to try and start to level the playing field in our own counties,cities and states. This won’t be easy as the elections are very soon and it will probably take us a long time to find out who the politicians and judges are that are really working for the people. I do not think that the people really care who is a republican and who is a democrat anymore. Let’s start by looking at some of these politicians who are in power now and their track records of working for the people. They are muddy to say the least. But it is a start. The media doesn’t help either by twisting and spinning the truth in their own deceptive ways. I refuse to listen to the rhetoric, prove to me that you have been working for the people , and not just now, that it is election time,or you are out, give someone else a try. It is time to uncover the truth or at least some of it. It is time for us to start taking back our country. This is seriously becoming a dictatorship if they are not stopped starting now. We cannot just throw our hands up in the air and say I give up, things are just to far gone. We cannot let them win. Our futures and our children’s futures are in jeoopardy here. We have to all start becoming more pro-active in rooting out the dirty politicians and make our own educated decisions about their polical futures. It is about time all of the politicians who are the incumbents got called out by the people to do some explaining and show us what they have done for us instead of themselves.

  8. MisterKeitel says:

    Very interesting. However, I must admit that I only understood (or rather think I understood) about one third of what he said. That’s no reflection on him, but rather on my limited knowledge on the subject. Many of the words he used just zipped right over my head. You see, that’s the part about this whole messy economic crisis that scares me: There is so much of it I just don’t understand. I’m not stupid and I’ve really tried to understand it. But 1.) It’s maddeningly complex, 2.) You need a MBA’s vocabulary to follow it along and 3.) I can’t really tell which talking head it right and which ones are just selling something.

    • Tim says:

      …and the Banks want you to be confused, along with the vast majority. That way they can just keep right on doing what they’ve been doing. And when everyone finally catches up with what has taken place, it will be too late.

      The Banks have set things up behind a cloak of secrecy, usurping Laws that have been on the Books for well over 200 years. THAT is the bottom line, it really is just simply another theft, just like ENRON, MADOFF, ETC.

      Nothing less than that. If you listen to anyone, listen to this man Chris Whalen.

      • PJ says:

        Think it was quite interesting that Mr.Whalen brought up the “property tax” issue in his segment.There are plenty of people out there that are truly innocent by-standers that watched their “assessment’s” skyrocket due to the “false” appraisals in their neighborhood’s, this hit people retired or on fixed incomes the hardest, most with no mortgages on their property… now the Hedge Fund’s & TBTF Banks set up shell companies to scoop up properties for back taxes… (read link posted above) with the blessing of bloated state and local goverments.

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