Uh Oh – Ohio Attorney General Cordray Asks for Affidavits by Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer’ Xee Moua


Ohio Attorney General Asks for Affidavits by Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer’

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray asked judges in his state for copies of foreclosure affidavits filed in their courts that are signed by a woman he identified as a “robo-signer” for Wells Fargo Bank NA.

Cordray sent a letter to 133 judges asking for information on any cases that involved Xee Moua, a Wells Fargo vice president of loan documentation. Cordray sent a separate letter to Wells Fargo & Co. asking the bank to vacate any foreclosure judgment in Ohio involving incorrect affidavits.

Moua gave a deposition in a Florida case in March in which she testified that “statements made by her in sworn affidavits were false,” Cordray said in the letter. Moua said she wasn’t familiar with the books and records related to the transactions an affidavit covered, according to Cordray.

“These are crucial misstatements that are an affront to our legal system,” he wrote. “If you become aware of affidavits Ms. Moua signed in any foreclosure cases filed in your court, I would appreciate receiving copies of such affidavits.”

Tom Goyda, a spokesman for Wells Fargo, said the company’s policy is “to comply with all applicable state and federal laws and to follow required court procedures” and that executives “intend to cooperate” with Cordray’s inquiries.

Wells Fargo, the biggest U.S. home lender, said Oct. 27 that it will file supplemental foreclosure affidavits to courts in about 55,000 proceedings after finding some statements “did not strictly adhere to the required procedures.” The bank has said it chose to resubmit the documents out of “an abundance of caution” and that none of “these instances led to foreclosures which should not have otherwise occurred.”

‘Vacate Any Judgment’

Cordray provided a copy of a letter to Wells Fargo deputy general counsel David Moskowitz in which he asked the San Francisco-based bank to “vacate any judgment and withdraw any motion that resulted in a judgment in which Wells believes an improper affidavit was submitted.”

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6 Responses to “Uh Oh – Ohio Attorney General Cordray Asks for Affidavits by Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer’ Xee Moua”
  1. John says:

    I will be filing suit against Wells Fargo in Fairfield County Ohio on Monday. Feel free to call me if you believe you may need assistance filing suit against Wells Fargo or GMAC. 614.339.0440

  2. indio007 says:

    Technically, if the notary wasn’t actually there to put her under oath , there is no perjury.

    These robo-signers are actually fabricating the authenticity of documents.

  3. Here’s ten off the bat from Franklin. Not much, but only covers one county for one month and since there’s lots more Xee signatures in FL .. and I’m sure lots of other OH counties .. and we can push the machine further back in time, guessing no problem finding false affidavits bearing Moua’s John Hancock. A quick look-up shows that perjury is a third-degree felony in OH.

    Assuming Xee lied under oath (strange paradox: can you trust that somebody who says they lied under oath to tell the truth about the lying?), and that felonies carry a year, and these are all separate incidents, this list alone should keep Xee signing nothing but letters from prison for a long time.

    Wells Fargo v. Heizer, 10CV005571
    US Bank v. Hanas, 10CV005557
    US Bank v. Speck, 10CV005967
    Wells Fargo v. Coffee, 10CV006984
    Wells Fargo v. Collini, 10CF006970
    Wells Fargo v. Melnichenko, 10CV007060
    Wells Fargo v. Burkes, 10CV007095
    Citi v. Kanode, 10CV007114
    US Bank v. Dooper, 10CV007086
    Wells Fargo v. Gillotte, 10CV007187

  4. FKA says:

    Hahaha…I sent him links to 3 Wells Fargo robosigner depositions I got from your sight yesterday morning:-) Hopefully some people in Ohio can benifit from exposing the FRAUD. Nice job Cordray…I might vote for you yet!

  5. housemanrob says:

    If this keeps up…………we are going to have a paper shortage! You know………….judge, we’ll withdraw those and submit these………….and so on………. and the judge said “I haven’t seen any widespread problems!”

  6. juicejuice11550 says:

    Oh but wait a minute!!!!!!! Correct me if I’m wrong. Didn’t just last week Wells fargo stated that they didn’t have any fraud – oops!! I mean flaws in their paperwork? HA HA HA ………..Thank you JESUS

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