Foreclosure Fraud – Deutsch Bank Memo Notifies Securitized Loan Servicers and their Attorneys that they May have Broken the Law

First some excerpts from ForeclosureDefenseNationwide

In an October 25, 2010 letter from Deutsche Bank to “All Holders of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities For Which Deutsche Bank National Trust Company or Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Acts As Securitization Trustee”, DB reports on “alleged deficiencies” in certain foreclosure proceedings and advises of the prior issuance, by the DB Trustee, of an “Urgent and Time-Sensitive Memorandum” dated October 8, 2010 to its Securitization Loan Servicers regarding servicing foreclosure procedures, demanding that the servicers “comply with all applicable laws relating to foreclosures”.

The October 8, 2010 “Urgent and Time Sensitive” Memorandum attached to the October 25, 2010 Memo makes things even more interesting. Here are some select quotes:

“The Governing Documents typically require the Trustee to furnish the Servicer with powers of attorney that allow the Servicer to sign documents and institute legal actions, including foreclosure proceedings, in the name of the Trustee on behalf of the Trusts in connection with these servicing activities…. Recent media reports suggest that the Alleged Foreclosure Deficiencies may include the execution and filing by certain servicers and their agents of potentially defective documents, possibly containing alleged untrue assertions of fact, in connection with certain foreclosure proceedings. The reported scope of such alleged practices raises the possibility that such documents may have been filed in connection with foreclosure proceedings relating to mortgage loans owned by the Trusts and may have been executed under color of one or more powers of attorney granted to Servicers pursuant to the Governing Documents. Any such actions by a servicer or its agents would constitute a breach of that Servicer’s obligations under the Governing Documents and applicable law.”

So what we have here is DB tacitly admitting that its servicers and attorneys “possibly” filed fraudulent foreclosure documents (which we all know did in fact happen, with “robo-signer” assignments, backdated notaries, etc.), which if done “under color of” required powers of attorney, is illegal on more than one front.

Well isn’t that interesting…

Full memo, plus others, below…



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Deutche Bank Urgent and Time Sensitive Memo RE Certain Servicing Foreclosure Fraud Procedures

14 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud – Deutsch Bank Memo Notifies Securitized Loan Servicers and their Attorneys that they May have Broken the Law”
  1. JOHN says:

    I am dealing with them i know they don’t have my note it was securitized once that was done it became a stock no longer a loan they forever lose there right to control the note t under rule fas 140 the note gets destroyed so if the note and deed trust are separated you have broken chain of title plus they admitted to have blank assignment which is fraud i demand that they show me the original note with my wet ink signature on it they said they have copy which is fraud thet lack standing know it but still try to go thru with fraud steal your house i know i have them plus mers assigned the transfer which they lack standing to due i need a good lawer who can help me file a quite title action against them

  2. 6/5/2006 Wells Fargo appears to have sold to Deutsche Bank loan that was unsecuritized retail loan as an 80% LTV when in fact two days later they sold the loan again 100% LTV. Wells Fargo did this transaction thru the largest producer of non-conforming mortgage products using a private brand label Norwest Asset Securities Corp residential side, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Institutional Lending Des Moines, Wells Fargo Funding Minneapolis, MN, and Deutsche Bank deposited funding into the Wells Fargo Bank NA c/o Wells Fargo Asset Securities – Corporate Treasury Securities Division in Frederick MD as a broker of Frederick MD wholesaler. That loan transaction in a pooling and servicing agreement. Deutsche Bank is being sued for the series of transactions Wells Fargo and HSBC as Trustee … WFMBS – XX.

    Should be interesting as each of the ‘members’ of the private financial exchange who were in collusion and collaborated moving transactions thru each others pass-thru agencies to launder money out of the nation one mortgage at a time go to war.

    Victory Over Theft Exchange
    Save America One Mortgage At A Time

  3. liz says:

    So what does this all mean, if someone can answer this for me. i have an indymac mortgage, that is a meers, and when i put in the min number it came up under Deutsche,, supposibly. I

  4. C Fox says:

    I can tell you what I go to court for trial on monday nov. 8th against these scumbags. I am armed to the teeth with case law and proof of their fruad on the people. I hope this will change the the entire world of what is happening to the American people.. I will keep all posted.

  5. Diana says:

    Does anybody know how I can get a hard copy of this letter?

  6. l vent says:


  7. Alina says:

    This is a huge CYA move on the part of Deutsche. They are setting up their ducks in a row so when they are called to task, they will simply say – “we didn’t do it, the servicers did” and “we told the servicers what our guidelines are but they refused to follow the guidelines.”

  8. yvonne says:

    Who is Frank Ruhl, vice president of Deutsche Bank International Trust Company AKA Bankers Trust Company of California, N.A. as trustee under the pooling and servicing…residing or located at C/O 1100 Virginia Drive, Ft. Washington Pa 19034 designated as assignor…this is from an assignment of a mortgage from Deutsche to Deutsche allegedly signed in the presence of Ruhl and attested by Jeffery Stephan and allegedly witnessed by (inelligible signature…mna writ0ann? Vice president and notarized by Heather Reinhart, Montgomery county, Pa.)

    trustee to0 ICIFC secured assets corp, Mortgage Pass-through certificates series 1997-3 and as Indentured Trustee under the indenture relating to IMH Assets Corp Collaterized Asset Banked Bonds series 2003-9F????of course prepared by David Stern, Esq…

    Would appreciate any information regarding these series and actual owners if any?

  9. yvonne says:

    All a sham….research Deutsch Bank..and when did they actually acquired Bankers Trust, and what are the series of collateralized securities they do represent, etc…. and who they actually represent….and under what name did they do business in the US before and how long ago…they are covering themselves…while continuing the fraud….

    • juicejuice11550 says:

      @Yvonne…….Bingo…you hit the jackpot. They are in on this fraud and are only trying to cover themselves because I like some others reported them to the OCC and government authorities. We’ve been informed that Deutsche Bank National Trust aren’t and still don’t have licenses to do business in NY & NJ as well as some other states. They’ve been getting too many complaints and 99.9% of all their foreclosures have been dismissed due to lack of standing and fraud. We’ve reported Deutsche Bank and submitted a numerous amount of paperwork showing and proving fraud. They know and knew exactly what’s going on. But you see how the DEVIL works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll let you get what you want in any and every way, using evil tactics and let whomever take the fall at any cost. Good for them all……

      Deutsche Bank of Americas is the only ones that have licenses to do business in the US. But you see the problem is that no one is digging deep into their fraudclosures because they don’t know how or just afraid to do so. It’s all nothing but a PONZI SCHEME that they intend and intended to continue without getting caught. But guess what……GOD STILL SITS ON THE THRONE…….THANK YOU JESUS

      • RAMONA says:

        juice you bet he does .. thank you jesus!!

      • Clinton johnson says:

        I’m getting foreclosed on and my sale date is 18th of nov. Deutche bank of Germany says they are the note holder but won’t show proof of it. I’m in need of a good attorney who is on the attack against these crooks!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

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