The Market Ticker – America’s Alarm Clock Has Rung: Time’s Up

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America’s Alarm Clock Has Rung: Time’s Up

Here’s the deal folks.

The banksters asset-stripped the public.  Twice.  The first time in the 1990s with the Internet bubble, the second time in houses.  If you bought a home from 2003 onward you got screwed.  It doesn’t matter if you were a good borrower or not – you overpaid.  American business was also asset-stripped.  We covered this by shipping our labor off to China, India and Vietnam.

During the last part of the 2000 decade, the Federal Reserve, Bank Regulators, Government and the Banks themselves were all in on it.  We know this.  We know it because Citibank’s former Chief Underwriter has testified to it under oath.  It is not speculation or mathematics, it is admitted fact. This was an intentional, malicious act that involved government and finance.  Your “representatives” didn’t represent you, they represented the banks.  They acted as guards not of your wealth, but instead they held you at gunpoint while the bank robbed you. This is the proximate cause of the market and economic collapse – your productive wealth was literally stolen through these frauds.

Now they’re at it again.  First, Ben Bernanke imposed, without a vote, a tax on the American People of over $1 trillion through his original “QE ” game.  This went immediately into commodity and stock prices worldwide but was in fact a tax on you, and on every productive business. This is the reason that unemployment remains at close to 10%.  By now we should be well on our way to recovery.  The government blew $600 billion on stimulus programs.  They got nothing for it because of QE, which took it all back out, plus more through the tax – a tax that went directly into the bankers pockets. This unlawfully-imposed tax was used to cover the banks’ insolvencies, along with the blatant extortion practiced by Rep. Kanjorski on FASB (who, incidentally, lost his seat Tuesday.)  But the banks did not clear their balance sheets – they are, in fact, still insolvent.  Instead, they literally took the money and paid it in bonuses.

Now that the banks are once again running out of money Ben Bernanke is at it again.  He has announced another $600 billion in illegal taxation on America, and intends to give it again to the bankers.  A good part of it already showed up in oil and other commodities.  The rest of it will.  It is guaranteed.  The “benefit” will go overseas.  The tax will fall on you.


If you, America, do not rise and stop this NOW you’re all going to be effectively dead economically.

Your assets will be stripped.

All of them.

Your homes.

Your businesses.

Your savings – as if having the earnings you can receive on a safe CD cut from 5% to 0.5% isn’t bad enough.

And, when the inevitable margin collapse comes in the corporate sector, your stock portfolio will detonate again and your pension funds, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be gone.

Either you rise and stop Bernanke and The Fed, or he – and they – win – and we all lose.

There is no “individual path” that will keep your assets safe from this.  There is no means to hide, so long as you’re an American citizen and live in this nation.

We have two choices: we collectively stop this madness or we all get destroyed.

Those are the only choices.

For three years and change I have warned of this outcome.  I have pointed out that there is three trillion dollars or more of losses that have to be taken in the economy.

Those losses should fall on the banksters who committed these acts. Doing so will cause these banks to be taken into receivership.  They will have to be resolved.

Virtually none of those losses them have been taken by these institutions.

These losses have all fallen on you, through unemployment, through higher energy prices and higher prices at the grocery store.  All of these are taxes that are being illegally imposed on you by a Central Banker who lacks the legal authority to impose a tax.

Yet he’s doing it, and you’re being told to cheer because the DOW is up 200 points.

If you do not stop him – remove him from office – you will be destroyed.

That is a certainty.

It’s your choice America – but where this road leads is not open to debate.  These institutions that robbed you can only survive the consequences of their acts by destroying you, and they are hellbent and determined to do exactly that, with Ben Bernanke as the man who is literally destroying not only your economic present, but that if the future as well for yourself and your children.

You no longer have the luxury of time.

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26 Responses to “The Market Ticker – America’s Alarm Clock Has Rung: Time’s Up”
  1. TC says:

    I cannot imagine those seniors said to be responsible for the Republican sweep in Congress are likely to remain quiescent as the purchasing power of their savings further collapses on account of this blatantly fascist QE policy. The last thing that every age is ready to accept right now is a furthering of the divide between the haves and the have nots. No bit of Bernanke’s Washington Post sophistry can rationalize a policy 100% certain to accelerate a hyperinflationary explosion in commodity prices (on account of the fact there is an acute shortage of qualified securities available to absorb the added liquidity, because confidence in that game is shot). QE threatens to be catastrophic on both personal and societal levels. Sure to result is a further shut down of the physical economy. Indeed, it is a safe bet that, great scarcity looms.

    I have no doubt that, Bernanke is painting a giant target on his chest and his hometown of Dillon, South Carolina is at risk of being burned to the ground in symbolic protest to what this foolish man is venturing. The growing millions whose lives are being thrown onto the scrap heap as a result of political incompetence and outright criminal fraud represent a highly disruptive paradox to those austerity-minded fascists among us whose cowardice is resulting in police and fire protection being scaled back. Truly, in matters of comprehensive policy being affected during this time of crisis one might find brighter things in a box of Crackerjax. Quantitative easing certainly is no exception.

    I can think of no better means of loud and prospectively effective protest to this fascist QE policy than were someone (or some group or groups) with far greater organizational skills than I possess to conduct an evening torch rally in Dillon, South Carolina (a place Bernanke can intimately relate with) demanding that, the Fed be put through bankruptcy reorganization along with the banking system it oversees. Plenty of signs reading, “If QE continues, Dillon burns!” should produce dramatic effect, particularly were these illuminated with torches.

    Likewise, from here on out I would encourage anyone using the name “Bernanke” to prefix this with the word “fascist.” Since he chooses not to disguise this fact (as he has the right to do), we should all appropriately acknowledge his chosen place in principle. That’s my two cents…

  2. Recoveryless Recovery says:

    “There is no “individual path” that will keep your assets safe from this. There is no means to hide, so long as you’re an American citizen and live in this nation.”

    Uh, with all due respect; wrong and wrong.

    -You CAN save your assets by owning physical bullion and knowing ways of getting it out of the country if need be. Or by owning stocks demoninated in foreign currencies invested in overseas markets. Particularly if you had the foresight to have taken these measures a few short years ago.

    – Shedding American citizenship is as easy as picking up and leaving and NEVER looking back. There are relatively easy (and legal) ways of acquiring dual citizenship, and thereafter simply using the new nationality for international travel (except back to the USSA of course!). That formal proceedure for renouncing U.S. citzenship is -like all things American- just pure BS.

    • indio007 says:

      Like most things in the US, there is really no such thing as citizenship for most people. I don’t know many people that have taken an oath of allegiance and fidelity to the US or their state. What people did in school with the pledge to the flag does not count because they stop doing it before the age of majority which is 14. There is no reason to expatriate. If it ever came down to brass tacks and someone had to prove your citizenship against your denial they would need to produce evidence of the oath.

      • Recoveryless Recovery says:

        “There is no reason to expatriate”

        I disagree with the above. There are MANY reasons to expatriate, not the least of which is to avoid being forced to pay First World tax rates in exchange for the ‘privilege’ of living in a 4th World country (aka the USA). Also, the recent passing of MASSIVELY damaging Supreme Court decisions such as Citizen’s United vs FEC & the Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996 -along with MANY other similar acts of outright judicial stupidity- practically GUARANTEES an unspoken transfer of wealth & legal rights from taxpayers over to corporations. Corruption and rampant fraud permeate every aspect of American institutional life. The U.S. is quickly morphing into a fascist police state.

        Only a violent popular uprising could ever hope to quell the level of institutionalized fraud currently extant in America. THAT would constitute the only TRUE ‘change you can believe in’.

  3. indio007 says:

    “I don’t do conspiracy theories here”
    “You’re running a fruitcake conspiracy line of crap.”

    Hmmm….. I wonder who said that to me?

    Oh ya … the author of this article…..
    Pot meet kettle.

    Not that I disagree with the general hypothesis.
    I have a novel idea , stop participating in usurious business practices and fiat crap currency.
    Problem solved.

  4. l vent says:

    Massive defaults on property, credit cards and other debt are sure to happen if the economy crashes. Huge unemployment will result in the Banks demise. The Fed can only keep pumping fake money into the system for so long before the scheme blows up. Massive default means Zero default. Result: the Banksters will lose and their pirate ship will sink along with their evil plan. Wall Street is taking the money and investing it overseas where it is safe. I hope they crash and burn too.

  5. J Glenn Lowe says:

    I know one way to fight the rampant financial terrorism against the American Dream. When laws can’t stop Financial Treason, there is only one thing left to do. GET A ROPE! Die Banker Die by J Glenn Lowe – A Tribute to Wall Street Banksters and Fraudgate.

  6. Mark anaya says:

    I have Bank of America secret robosigner list

  7. Diane in Laguna Niguel says:

    Count me in – I don’t know how to create an internet signature vote – but if someone does please put me on the top of the list!

  8. l vent says:

    @ericb. That was a brilliant summation. I saw on cnbc some economic or fianancial expert talking about how in Zimababwe it costs about a thousand Zimababwe dollars to buy breakfast and he is watching for this is going to happen to our economy because of QE2,3@4.He suggests investing our money in other currency such as norwegian,canadian and singapore currencies.

  9. l vent says:

    I watched a very interesteing you tube video today Max Keiser was interviewing Greg Winter who used to work for CNN and other mainstream news media but now works for USA Watch He interviewed Banking Analyst, Meredith Whitney who is predicting an overall double dip in the economy by the end of the year due to Geithner’s QE2 scheme. She is an expert and she said it is inevitable the they will be a double dip everywhere: UNEMPLOYMENT, CAR SALES ,HOUSING. Massive job loss, unemployment run out and benefit losses. Glenn Beck is talking about it right now.

  10. Erick Blackwelder says:

    First, The Federal Reserve Open Market meetings are held in secret, with public access to transcripts or recordings. Secret Open Market meetings… Secret… Open…. Oxymoron.

    Second, Benny B. the big cheese at the Fed was not elected, he was appointed by President Bush to a five year tenure, and Benny just got another five year appointment. We cannot “vote” a Fed chief in or out of office. Nor can the Congress or the President fire him.

    The long line of Chairmen of the Federal Reserve have been the most powerful men in the nation since the Fed was created, roughly 100 years ago. They had/have the power to manipulate our economy without oversight, nor accountability to anyone.

    Third, our economy runs on a Monetary System, whereas Benny B. and Barry Obama are running the Fed using Keynesian principals, as was developed by John Maynard Keynes.

    Think of economic models as computer operating systems. Think of the Monetary System as Windows, and Keynesian System as Apple OS X software. Our economy cannot run Apple on our Windows operating system.

    Our economy cannot run on Keynesian principals. It is designed to operate on Monetary principals.

    If you’re having a hard time grasping that point, go buy Apple OS X software (the best money can buy) and try installing it on your Windows-based PC. It won’t work.

    Monetary policy controls the speed of the economy through the money supply.

    Keynesian policy, in theory, controls the economy through government spending and taxation. The only problem with the Keynesian economic system is it’s FAILED every time it’s been tried.

    • TC says:

      “Our economy cannot run on Keynesian principals. It is designed to operate on Monetary principals.”

      Although I agree with the spirit of your remark on “Keynesian principles,” you are incorrect to claim the U.S. was “designed to operate on Monetary principles.”

      The United States of America was designed to possess sovereign control over its internal credit so that principles put forward in the simple, single-sentence Preamble to the U.S. Constitution might be most effectively elevated. You should venture to understand Alexander Hamilton’s role in the creation of the First National Bank of the United States. Then, see how Abraham Lincoln’s “Greenbacks” policy, as well as FDR’s transformation of Hoover’s “Reconstruction Finance Corporation” (the “TARP” of its day) into a virtual national bank directing credit to vital infrastructure projects both are reflections of the same, Hamiltonian credit system previously manifest via the First and Second National Banks of the United States.

      The simple fact is the United States, by design (via its Constitution), uniquely offers the means for creating an added layer of functionality to the nation’s financial system, wherein some public corporation in which all citizens effectively are shareholders (be it a National Bank or some other agency) utters credit through the nation’s commercial banking system directed toward economic development projects legislated in Congress. This is not to be confused with Keynesian stimulus, because development projects of profoundly positive economic consequence (whose principle and interest costs will be amply recovered, and whose profit to the nation portends to be immense) simply will not be most efficiently financed via the federal governments normal, annual deliberations determining its budget. The creation of a public corporation whose role is to provide a banking function exclusively serving the interests of the people of the United States rather erects an agency whose operation most effectively leverages capital needed to expand the productive capacity of the national economy.

      Now, the Federal Reserve as it was created simply represents a manifestation of an imperial, monetarist model whose deleterious role in the current age of wildcat finance ushered in by Greenspan presents a vivid demonstration of tyranny whose likes this nation must tolerate no longer. The manner in which the monetarist system the Fed oversees fails to bolster those succinct, eternally relevant principles put forward in the U.S. Constitution’s Preamble — indeed, we see the Fed now playing a role whose action effectively tears at these — is the sole bone of contention citizens need to raise in demanding the Federal Reserve be disbanded for its “unconstitutional” manner of operation.

  11. l vent says:

    Call and complain by e-mail and phone the comment line at the W.H. incessantly. Demand Bernanke and Geithner are fired. Bitch to your Governors and senators, congressman about the new Fed Reserve bailout of the Banksters and Wall Street. E-mail any Federal agency that you can complain to about FEDERAL MONEY being given to the crooks. They are trying to be real sneaky. Let the powers that be know that you know what they are doing. Call your local FBI office and tell them about the fraud being perpertrated against you by your lender/bank If you have a loved one overseas fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan let them know you love them as often as you can because they to are paying the price for all of this nonsense, too.Start a care package drive in your town for the soldiers and send them some things they might be happy to recieve.

  12. pelucheven says:

    Dear Reggie,

    I do understand what you are going through, I interviewed over 120 lawyers. Until I found a law firm that was willing to try.

    Visit they keep a list of lawywes who have received training in foreclosure defense. Ask tough questions.

    I was even able to take the lawyers to the training myself. I became an avid reader and became well versed in the Virginia, MD and DC property conveyance statutes, foreclosure statutes and became the law fims onbudsman went to BK court, studied the enemy. And we have been able to turn the tide slowly, with some failures and mistakes, however, we are now stronger.

    Be positive look for a lawyer knowledgeable in consumer protaction laws, bankruptcy, and property laws. They will have to learn about securities, and all that jazz.

    Be proud you are fighting the good fight. Get organized with other home ownwers and share your knowledge and experience.

    • Reggie in PHOENIX says:

      have done this but problem is my big family and the cares and need limit my ability to learn more. I do what I can when I can. I live in AZ and have gone through the list of lawyers on Neil’s site. They don’t want to do it anymore and the ones who are still fighting don’t have any litigation slots open or cost way more than we can afford. I am so tired of the fight but yet am still hanging in there somewhat. I tried Steve Vondran and no luck. it is getting so frustrating. Wish we had a group out here that really knows what they are doing and wants to help. Everyone has got their hand out and charity has grown cold.

  13. Reggie in PHOENIX says:

    okay so where do we start………????? few of us are going after them in the courts and most of us don’t know how. There are no attorneys….at least where I live, that are willing to take my case for even a reasonable price. Most of the attorneys are in on it…………I have no clue as to civil procedure so my case keeps getting dismissed. Where do we start?

    • John R. says:

      Start with the state and local rules of the court. The should be downloadable. Get them. Then start looking for any other cases in your state. Find the laws they reference, and see if it fits your case. Get a copy of TILA, RESPA & HOEPA. Sit down and read them. As you read, check your files, see if it fits your situation, This is a slow fight but knowledge is going to be the only way to win. It takes a long while to read it all, but as you read it your knowledge expands. Just keep interested and keep fighting. As long as you’re in your house it’s a victory. When it gets too much, put it down. Go do something you like to do. That’s part of the secret. Walk away, build your personal life a bit and then come back. Just keep on keeping on. Stay positive! And Good Luck!

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