Video – Ben Bernanke Confronted on Fraudclosuregate

Ben Bernanke Confronted


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  1. Mortimer says:

    My blood boils when I read all of the above. We just can’t get it together to protest or make a loud statement. Where are all of my hippie constituents who stood up and marched against VietNam, Womens rights, Civil Rights etc….what the h–l happened to everyone? Nobody needed to form a united front. WE DID NOT HAVE INTERNET. Yet we were all there and Central Park was the place. Thousands and thousands of people. Some friends of mine got seriously hurt by the police yet they stood up for what they believed. I have been an activist for single payer health care. I have survived cancer 4 times and I am without insurance. I was interviewed on CNN and there are all kinds of groups scattered around the country BUT no protesting people. The problem was and is always getting everyone to commit to being there at a certain time and on a certain day. That is what frustrated me the most. Organizing. We were always singing to the choir. When we got hit with the bust our house went way down and we immediately contacted our bank. We contacted them daily and they responded NEVER. I sent an offer to them (the bank) that I would appreciate reworking the loan based on the value and then the percentage of that value that I had would be the same. This way I’d still have 25% equity and they would be receiving payments. Well after trying and trying and contacting our Senator Nelson and him contacting The Office of the Comptroller and filling out a million forms from all these programs and the mental stress and strain I went back to my original reaction. I didn’t do this. I didn’t cause this mess. As a matter of fact you bastards took my tax money and got bailed out. You took for you and gave us nothing. Try this on for size. You were bailed out of the mess you created by my money therefore my home is paid for. I own it free and clear. I stand on the ethical content of this situation. The bastards were lying and lying and getting away with it and in 2005 it was a known fact amongst those big daddies that the more stupid loans they gave out the more millions they would make. We have done so much back research on when they knew this was not going to work out, when they came up with the ideas, how it was perfect timing because there were no regulations and we were all taken for a ride. The FBI was even involved however they were basically on our side saying that this is something that is going to blow up in their faces and yet the warnings were ignored. There were articles in Consumer Reports; Money magazine; articles in our own Palm Beach Post but were not written in someplace that you would see it first. Now they are following the situation. What situation? All of the people responsible for this economical crap should be in jail. In jail. In jail. We should stop trying to defend ourselves and make them defend themselves. They did it. I am sick of corporations deciding what will happen in my life. Health care has given me a death certificate that reads non-negotiable and now they are trying to take away my home. Hell no I won’t go. We are about to make an appointment to discuss suing the bank etc because we did nothing wrong. We did nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing at all, not anything to cause this. We shouldn’t be scared. We shouldn’t be scrambling around for fraudulent documents. They made fools of us. However he who laughs last ………… Do I think everyone will come together to fight, ….my heart wishes…but my head knows that for some reason that does not happen anymore.. Look at all the media coverage and judges are still foreclosing? I also believe that they should be dis-barred (whatever the word is) They do not listen equally hell they are the ones who should be saying Mr. Bank you created a way to make money and I’m all for that, but I am not for making money at the expense of people’s life. ,making millions while there are no jobs and causing people to lose their businesses and on and on. Mr. Bank you are not very nice and for that you must pay for everyone’s mortgage and then for the rest of the deception 25 years in the slammer. But the judges are not doing that. Money got to them? I am so sick and tired of talking about this subject and not seeing a stampede of people who were shit on and that is just about everyone in the 99% number of this country. That other percentage which is so small yet so powerful just sit around and laugh and sun themselves and don’t have a care in the world. Now isn’t that insane??? It is so insane that we can’t get everyone on the same page. It is so sad actually. Well, at least I know that I am doing my part. STAYING IN MY HOME, NOT PAYING and ABOUT TO SUE THE BANK, THE BROKERS, THE APPRAISERS, THE JUDGES everyone, each and everyone of them. I’m done with pleading for forgiveness when I didn’t even do the crime. Bob Dylan says it best in his “Hurricane” song. He ends it (I don’t know the exact words but it is something like this ) Now all the criminals in their suits and their ties, are free to sit around and sip their martinis….. and doesn’t it make you mad to live in a country where justice is a game. These words ring loud and clear. I refuse to defend myself anymore. I’m going after them. Mr. Banker is really Mr. Gangster. Hey, I have nothing to lose. If they want to come after me for having a big mouth bring it on because I am ready to fight. I have been in training and we are not going 15 rounds. There will be a knockout before the 3rd round. Honey, where did I put my boxing gloves.

  2. Equity Free says:

    Wall Street readies for another record year , 144 billion in compensation in 2010 . WTF did they do ? Appalling !
    Why are the masses not protesting in the streets like the other debtor countries, because American’s are lied to
    over and over and believe the hog wash they hear . Other countries provided for their people basic health care , a job that paid a wage that was enough to live on . :A German auto worker can afford to buy a Mercedes, a GM worker today cannot afford to buy a 30 k Chevrolet . Mercedes is profitable . GM is not . Pathetic !
    Stay in your home, pay the taxes, DO NOT PAY a MORTGAGE ! Scre.. EM Sue Em ….

  3. lisa says:

    I don’t understand one thing why Americans don’t get on the streets and protest against those ” too big to fail Idiots , the French they increase 1c on their bread they are all out, I agree so much with what Gerald Celente says ” Break the chain,” he is so wright with a lot of things he talks about if some of you guys never heard of him , go on youtube and type in his name and listen to his interviews, so much thruth unfortunately only 20 percent of Americans are awake now, where are the rest doing, watching their favorite reality show, shoppig in a mall , drinking in a bar, shopping for the latest electronics and eating junk food, i send all Gcelente videos each time there is a new one to all the people I know, Cheers guys and let’s be heard , Peace.

    • RAMONA says:

      if they are not on pills, they areoin a computer, texting on a phone, or playing a game .they are in lala land nowadays

  4. lisamarie says:

    Me to. I’m sueing the shit out of HSBC. they just don’t know it yet.

  5. Kathleen Burt says:

    The OCC responded that the banks are adamant about the formula used (on the investor’s behalf) in the denial letter. Seems all we can do is depose for conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud, which, if Freddie Mac, who now has the delinquency paperwork/amt accrued for our 18 months in the HAMP trial, forecloses. We’re back to making our original 2006 mortgage payment, We’re not on default on that. If Geithner says Treasury hasn’t caused people to default, he’s either insan o has totally sold homeowners out to the banks.

    If Freddie or the bank foreclosures, we’ll be fighting in court for 2 years (if we have to appeal) over $8500 of HAMP money.

    Kathlen Burt.

  6. corey says:

    I am one american who will not I repeat will not stand still I am sueing Bank of America and other for mortgage fraud and I intend to win. I have case # for ots , the comptroller and Securities and Exchange Commission. You must take action to let the too big to fail idots to their knees.

  7. msg says:

    So so true…..Unreal

  8. Ron says:

    How true.

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