Video – Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP’s November Report

Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP’s November Report


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  1. Ohioan says:

    This is a peculiar time in this nation’s history, when the finance sector has grown too big for its own good.
    Too bad that it is come down to this – a fight between two distinct classes of our society – wall street and main street. Unless we restore balance between the needs of these two classes there will be no peace – not when main street, which provides most of the funding for wall street’s games, is being taken for a ride. Assuming we do not see significant changes, I predict things will come to a head in the not too distant future.

  2. Kathleen Burt says:

    Homeowners’ right to due process must be protected.

    Foreclosures and short sales should be stopped until chain of title searches have been completed and ownership is determined. According to realtors in Palm Beach county, buyers have become very cautious. Out- of- state buyers are worried about purchasing in Florida.

    . Buyers want to know that 1) they can take possession of the property on escrow day and 2) they can obtain tilte insurance on it. They need to know that they can resell it easily or, in the case of older buyers, leave it to their heirs unemcumbered.

    They’ve heard that past buyers have been stuck renting for 6-8 months with their furniture in storage, waiting for the bank paperwork and title insurance.

    On loan modifications, servicer banks think first of the shareholder, then the investor (Wall Street Trust Bank) then their own fees. Homeowners’ needs come in 4th. What kind of “servicing” is that?

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