CitiMortgage Finally Admits to Foreclosure Paperwork Problems AKA Felonies

CitiMortgage Admits to Foreclosure Paperwork Problems

By Ariana Eunjung Cha

Citigroup, which for almost two months has claimed its process for preparing foreclosure affidavits was sound, is reviewing about 14,000 documents, including 4,000 that may have been notarized improperly, a company official said in written testimony to Congress to be delivered Thursday.

Unlike other large mortgage servicers it competes with, Citi had not frozen foreclosures and had repeatedly declined to publicly discuss any internal reviews it was conducting.

Harold Lewis, managing director of CitiMortgage, said in the written remarks that 10,000 of the 14,000 documents being reviewed are for judicial foreclosures.

The purpose of the review is “to assure that these affidavits are substantively correct and properly executed. Citi expects that affidavits executed prior to the fall of 2009 will need to be refiled,” Lewis said.

The other 4,000 documents that are being reviewed were prepared at its Dallas processing center and “may not have been signed in the presence of a notary, to assure that these affidavits are substantively correct and properly executed.” Lewis said these affidavits were also be refiled.

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And still not one arrest…


14 Responses to “CitiMortgage Finally Admits to Foreclosure Paperwork Problems AKA Felonies”
  1. lvent says:

    The AG’s office told me, there is fraud in everyones mortgage…!!!

  2. lucinda says:

    i got a mortgage assignment from orion financial,mine had orion att in fact by a. tucker,and s a wileman as return to s a wileman,notary is doris hereford,who are these peaple,we had cit financial and equifirst,and now select portfolio servicing.

  3. Dan Junk says:

    Saaaweet! Thx Michael!

  4. Pj says:

    This statement by Mr.Lewis is quite telling….

    “The purpose of the review is “to assure that these affidavits are substantively correct and properly executed. Citi expects that affidavits executed prior to the fall of 2009 will need to be refiled,” Lewis said.”

  5. Bill says:

    Citimortgage is the Pretender lender in my foreclosure suit. The mortgage I took out was with another lender, no Assignment of Mortgage was ever done. All CM has is an Affidavit of Lost Assignment , the affiant is named DM Wileman. Wileman is a Robosigner who’s signed as a VP for Mers, OCWen, and at least one other. His real employer, is Orion Financial Group and on most of the documents Wileman has signed, The name Orion FinancialGroup appears along with the name of another Wileman. Talk about chutzpah.

    • just a beard says:

      Orion Financial Group did ours, too. I think they may be part of Citi’s foreclosure mill. I’ve seen those Wileman signatures, in doing some research on our assignments, they are all suspect of being robo-signers. Orion’s specialty is creating assignments. See if you can depose them, or send them requests for admissions, if need be by subpoena.

      • Bill says:

        CM’s attorney in our case is the Law Offices of Daniel Consuegra. WHile they have been helpful on the phone.

        1 Have failed to send me copies of their filings or when they did, sent me a bungled copy
        2 They submitted a motion for default against my wife for not answering. My wife and I have been answering since the suit started, including during the first 30 days.(The suit said we had 30 not 20)
        3 They claimed the original note was lost, now they say they have the original.
        4 When I asked for a 15-day extension to file an answer(my mother-in-law after my Motion to dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction was denied, they did acquiesce to my request but said in papers they filed with the court that I should have filed an answer in the first 20 days after the suit was filed. Did Lindsay R DUnn the lawyer signing or the person who prepared it read my Request for an extension or anything else in my file.
        5 I got a Motion to dismiss now over the Cost bond. When I put them on notice, I attached a letter warning them not to be surety on the bond. They went ahead and did it anyway. I got to schedule a hearing for that now.
        There’s more about this lawyer’s office I can say, but I think anyone who reads this will get the picture.

    • Melanie says:

      I too have an assignment with D M Wileman. Well mine is an assignment of mortgage not an affifavit of lost assignment. That’s the first I’ve heard of one of those! DM Wileman is a woman who claims to be Director of Human Services at Orion Financial Group.

      Where can I find the docs that she has signed for all of these different entities?

  6. lucy says:

    Rather than anger, I say we get even !!!!

  7. housemanrob says:

    “From Hell’s heart I strike at thee!”

  8. MisterKeitel says:

    Yes. I agree with your last line. I is appalling that absolutly none of these banks, who are apparently (read: obviously) guilty of falsifying legal documents (on a massive, systematic and purposeful scale) and presenting them to a court of law as if they were the real thing, are in any kind of legal trouble whatsoever. As well, after reading that Rolling Stone article that you were kind enough to give us a link to, it’s pretty clear that scores of retired judges who are presiding over these Rocket Dockets can plainly see but are pretending not so see, massive illegal activity. As well, our federal government, including a president that I voted and Vigorously campaigned for, has been painfully slow in reacting to this mess.

    Yet no one had gone to jail!

    If you are I did something like this we would right now be looking at the four, grey concret walls of a jail cell. But you and I are not super-rich banks with courts and politicians in our deep, deep pockets. But what happens to the rule of law when the rich can so blatently skirt the law? What happens to the moral authority of government when is blatently shows it’s hand in being in favor of the rich over the right of the poor and middle class (to use a now obsolete word)?

    Every time I come to this site I get ANGRY! Not Tea Party wear a funny hat and quote Glenn Beck angry. Rather, I think it’s a different breed of angry altogether.

    • RAMONA says:

      mister you bet its a different breed of anger !!

    • Elaine S says:

      Maybe the Ten Commandments and Christian ethics DO have a place, like at the Foundation of our economic system, as without it you can see what the lack of valuing truth and integrity does. Only when the overwhelming majority are honest does our system work. For example, don’t covet. Would this mess even exist if that were practiced providing some restraint..

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