Suicide by Foreclosure – Gulfport man tries to kill himself as bank forecloses on his home

St. Petersburg Times

Gulfport man tries to kill himself as bank forecloses on his home

GULFPORT — The foreclosure process started more than two years ago. Papers were served. Hearings held. Judges ruled. Back and forth it went, inexorably. Like millions across the nation, Boyd Rubright, 71, was slowly losing his home.

The writ of possession — the final document that strips someone of a foreclosed home — was signed Nov. 2. The occupant received 24 hours’ notice. Then, ready or not, he had to go.

Monday was the day.

The bank representative was the first to arrive at 5840 Gulfport Blvd. S. It’s the white house with the green trim and the empty birdbath.

The house looked vacant, but the representative thought he saw someone inside. A deputy arrived, and knocked on the front door. He announced himself from the outside, loudly.

No one answered.

The bank sent someone to drill through the lock. It was 9:02 a.m. when the drilling stopped. The busted lock hit the floor inside.

That’s when they heard the gunshot.

• • •

The deputy moved everyone away from the house and called for backup. Then he and a Gulfport officer went inside, weapons drawn.

They found Rubright slumped in an armchair in a small room. Police said he placed the barrel of a .357-caliber revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

The officers couldn’t find a pulse; paramedics were called.

His oldest daughter learned about the shooting when she talked to a St. Petersburg Times reporter Wednesday night.

“When the foreclosure started a couple of years ago, he told us that he was not giving up his house for anything,” said Margaret Fitzgibbons, 44. “They would have to take him out or he’d kill himself.

“That’s why I wasn’t surprised.”

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19 Responses to “Suicide by Foreclosure – Gulfport man tries to kill himself as bank forecloses on his home”
  1. anon says:

    I’d say about 50 million in damages for the family who caused this. Not the court, the family, the people the bank harmed, maimed, and damaged.

  2. spirittoo says:

    The bankers are happy when people blow their brains out after having their home stolen … that way it’s no fuss no muss for the greedy scum. I will be walking in this man’s shoes myself and I plan to fight until the end.

  3. bart simpson says:

    next time … they shouldn’t send “someone to drill through the lock”, but …
    a robot …
    ’cause … next time … the gun might be pointed at the door …

  4. Todd says:

    We have gone from the land of hope and dreams, where all one had to do was hold a steady job, and you could own your own home, to the land of no hope, no job to hold, and a police state taking your home from you. Only to be left on the street, poor, destitute, and with nowhere to turn but the elements. We have a tent city here in California that is more than 7 miles long. no one cares about them, they don’t make the evening news though.
    Now they are about to pass a bill in the senate:
    “Lobbyists are now on Capital Hill pushing legislation to affirm MERS as the standard for tracking mortgages. If this were to happen, the industry could get rid of all the Foreclosuregate lawsuits with congress’ implicit approval, Americans would be left with weakened property rights, and banks would be affirmed as America’s largest real estate holding companies.”

    I now have a question for the police officers who’s job it is to “uphold the law”

    Will you knowingly enforce theft and fraud if they make it “the law”? If they bribe our senators into passing a bill that says the banks are allowed to foreclose on homes without having to prove they own the deed, will you still enforce that “law”?

  5. B.Benhamid says:

    America has become one big Indian Reservation ( Prison Camp ) just wait and see!

  6. Ld Elon says:

    Before my own life, which at the time was only know as random, i made a pact, with, il leave that for you to guess.
    That i could manage this stage, and that i would not give up, it would of been better that Boyd Rubright and others like him deal with the issues which every life has been given, if one gives up right at thee end, then a repeat process to learn why one shouldnt give up is due.
    Bless his spirit, may he learn some more. 888

  7. Sam says:

    The poor fool used his gun on the wrong person.

  8. Big Red says:

    They did this to a couple out in La Luz New Mexico a couple of years ago. The home owners were contesting the foreclosure as fraudulent. They called up several SWAT teams local and federal,murdered the husband wounded the wife and charged her with assaulting them and their robot.

  9. mary clyde says:

    Nothing will change until we have H.O.S. —

    Heads On Sticks!

    Nothing says you really care, like H.O.S.

    • j r says:

      Heads on sticks sends such a strong message to the remaining scumbags. We need about 534 sticks for Congress. Bunch more for Wall Street.

  10. John Anderson says:

    It would have been better if he had shot the locksmith, and the bankster first.
    Its like the robo signers, this activity will not stop until they start putting them in jail.
    Of course if the public knew how the banks and the FED operate there would be a revolution tomorrow. They create money outa thin air, while most people work there entire life, and it does not equal the value of Monica Lewinskys stained dress.

  11. Ann says:

    It is soooo obvious that this is going to happen again and again! Why doesn’t SOMEONE with authority do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Banks are not only increasing the homeless population in the USA (something never seen before) but are also inccreasing the suicide rate!

    STOP closing your eyes – President,senators,congressmen,lawyers,and Bank officials– do not continue to ignore the fact that most people are NOT at fault for their financial circumstances – especially after the “CRASH”
    What ever happened to empathy in the USA. Greed apparently wiped it out!

    How sad— no excuse me— TRAGIC!!!

    • RAMONA says:


    • Falesteeni says:

      Sorry Ann “Why doesn’t SOMEONE with authority do something about this!!!!”
      All the someone with Authority ARE ON THE TAKE, working for WALL STREET & BANKERS pretending to be working for us, When you Americans are going to wake up. THE WORSE IS YET TO COME this is NOTHING the worse is yet to come!

    • RAMONA says:

      remember when Bush tookoffice ..the rich said” we are tired of giving ” . BUSH signed something into law to allow our homes to be taken , remember?

    • Don says:

      TRAGIC is right.. None of these officials will gamble with their comfort zone and stand up for common people. Once in the “Click” they are molded with power, money, and fear of being an outsider. The only solution is a military coop. Although quite a few Americans are armed to the teeth they’re on a hot list, compiled from common information required when buying ammo, weapon upgrades, etc. The armed houses will be marked with red flags and 1st on the list for armed takeover. Although you may play with the idea of how well your armed no one can out gun the military/enforcement. I can only pray that if outright take-over of the citizens and homes does occur some of the military/enforcement officers will take a stand and organize a meaningful resistance. Without them there”ll be a some shooting it out with SWAT teams and dying with guns wrapped in “cold dead hands” at the threshold of their houses. Most of The American people in uniform are still citizens like us and hopefully will find moral issues with their orders. God Speed USA

  12. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    I read this in the St Pete Times the other day. It seemed the reporter went of the way to paint Rubright as a marginal and unstable person. At best that only tells part of the story.

    Given the high incidence of fraud involved in lending and foreclosure in the state of Florida it is likely some type, or several types, of fraud was involved. It is equally likely Rubright was not accorded full due process by the court.

    I am hopeful one of Florida’s informed foreclosure defense counsel steps to the fore and reviews the Rubright foreclosure.

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