More on Florida’s Kangaroo Foreclosure Courts (Lee County) from Christopher Meister

First some commentary from Yves over at Naked Capitalism…

Lisa Epstein of Foreclosure Hamlet sent an eye-opening letter from Christopher Meister, who ran for the sheriff of Lee County, Florida as an independent and lost. As much as I’ve read plenty of reports of dubious judicial behavior in Florida, I still find myself appalled when new stories crop up.

The Meister letter provides specific examples of judicial misconduct. One involves a judge conferring openly with a bank lawyer on cases in which the lawyer had no involvement.

Letter to Lee County Chief Judge below…



RE Sheriff Elect Christian Meister Letter

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  1. Christine says:

    Love the photo at the top of the story!

  2. We must not forget that Judge S. Carlin was the original 1,000 foreclosures a day Judge – and was he proud of it – in 2008. Why was I reminded of the third Reich and their rise to power? Also when setting his illegal Docket Soundings for Cases that are not “At Issue” he references the cases to Magistrates without the consent of the parties in violation of Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.490(c). See Mark Stopa’s Motion to Disqualify this man. One of Carey’s and Carlin’s puppets Senior Judge Thompson, had a fun day last Thursday. In the morning he was visited by observers from the ACLU and in the afternoon by Christian Meister and Brian Bevan who has recently filed a personal fraud lawsuit against Thompson, all of whom announced their presence to observe his performance. I was also making a pro se appearance. For the first time ever, he seemed to be listening to what I said. I wonder why????

  3. azusgm says:

    Mr. Meister is getting warm when he notes that there may be problems for the buyers of foreclosed property. I don’t know how the banks convey title in the judicial states, but I can tell you about Freddie REO deeds in Texas. Freddie conveys on a special warranty deed which is in actuality a quit claim deed. The seller-provided title insurance is very limited. An independent real estate broker/investor and a manager of a title company both assured me that all the banks convey REOs on those “special warranty deeds”. IMO, buyers of REOs are being set up to become the big losers.

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    Justice in Lee County, especially in Judge John Carlin’s courtroom, has been a travesty for a long time. Law enforcement has received a number of complaints about it, but naturally, the prosecutors don’t want to prosecute any judges for engaging in widespread criminal violations.

    As a result, I’m not surprised that homeowners’ rights are being violated in Lee County. Of course, judges who are willing to violate the law tend to do so whenever they get a benefit.

    For example, Judge Carlin and Chief Judge Cary set up a child support collection program which completely violated the rules and case law. This was appealed, and initially the Second DCA entered an order prohibiting their violations of due process, but then the panel was unconstitutionally rearranged and a new panel denied the petition to cover-up their crimes and allowed them to continue to abuse their power and their victims.

    Since a lot of people had their rights violated and were protesting at the courthouse, the Fort Myers New Press ran a cover-up article which is no longer available online, but it also posted the Motion for Rehearing which exposed the flagrant violations of due process which Judge Carlin and Chief Judge Cary had engaged in. See it at If you are interested, download it because I’m sure that it will disappear as soon as the “News” Press realizes that their cover-up of their cover-up was incomplete.

    Although the case was fixed at the Second DCA, the Florida Supreme Court struck down the illegal child support collection program that Chief Judge Cary and Judge Carlin had used to destroy lives for years. See the Florida Supreme Court’s order shutting it down and quashing Administrative Order 12.5 which they used to try to pretend that their program was legal at

    Since Chief Judge Cary and Judge Carlin don’t want to follow the rules and don’t want to give anyone due process, perhaps it is time that they get removed from the bench. Also, since the prosecutors don’t want to hold judges accountable when they violate the law and don’t want to prosecute any bankers or their attorneys when they break the law, perhaps the prosecutors should be removed from their positions of power, too.

  5. l vent says:

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