Elizabeth Warren’s Job ‘Undermines’ Constitution According to GOP Lawmakers


GOP Lawmakers: Elizabeth Warren’s Job ‘Undermines’ Constitution

In the letters Reps. Spencer Bachus and Judy Biggert sent to the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, the GOP lawmakers challenge the legality of Elizabeth Warren’s authority to set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

By appointing Warren as special adviser in September, the president “undermined” the Constitution, Bachus and Biggert contend, in two nearly identical letters dated Nov. 22. From the letters:

“First, the President’s decision to appoint Professor Elizabeth Warren as a special advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury and as a senior advisor in the White House with lead responsibility for establishing the Bureau, hiring its staff, and setting its agenda — as opposed to nominating the director of the Bureau, as contemplated by the Act — circumvented the advice-and-consent process and undermined one of the key checks and balances in our Constitution. While the Act confers upon the Secretary of the Treasury limited interim authority ‘to perform the functions of the Bureau’ (Section 1066(a)), Professor Warren is now exercising that authority.”

You can check out the letter in its entirety below…




Spencer Bachus and Judy Biggert Letter to Treasury RE Elizabeth Warren


6 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren’s Job ‘Undermines’ Constitution According to GOP Lawmakers”
  1. Nat-AHA says:

    just wait til january when all the tea partiers in congress will go to bat for the banks whose unpopularity founded their party…genius!

  2. I went back and re-read the letter again…my skin crawled.. Those 2 lawmakers spoke of the Treasury Dept… “There is a clear absence of accountability and transparency “….no shit.. what it should have said was that in all Government and Agencies..ALL INCLUDED…there has been NO accountability and transparency…EVERYTHING HAS BEEN PLANNED OR DONE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Not just in the Treasury Dept. Anything or everything told to the public were concocked lies…deliberate lies…I think back on my 72 years…when life was so different..so much better…yet we faced many downfalls but nothing as destroying to this country as today. I remember the day President Kennedy was shot. Was the truth really told? He often spoke of the currency needed to be backed by gold and silver again. It was then I learned of the Federal Reserve that printed our currency..with no back up. What happened to all the gold and silver stocked piled to back our currency when the printed money from ‘air’ took control? His death left this country with no answers..Fast forward…September 11, 2001….warnings told to the government ahead of time…ignored…many lives lost….many answers never given…many issues proven that other buildings exploded that were not in direct area.. accountability and transparency were not given. While this was happening…behind the closed doors an issue was happening for a decade and had ballooned to millions of babies and children…mandated vaccines. The world had millions of babies and children being injected with toxins and virus…many died, many left with a life of disability…mandated by the government. Outside reaearch was considered ‘junk science’…the government sided with the makers of vaccines..big profits..Conflicts of Interest…and hid the truth by protecting the exact ones who demanded protection from liability. A Federal Court with Federal laws..with Federal Judges.. set to judge a Federal court case that had no chance in that Court. Nothing was accountable or transparent….it was set against the children harmed. The government would have to pay the damages. Yet..if the government did not cause the World Towers fate..why did the government pay millions to relatives of those who lost their lives? Someone kill fighting a war never got the same benefits for their families. So NOTHING is transparent or accountable that the government controls. The facts are hidden. This leeds to today…the mortgage fraud…planned back when vaccines gained in count of many given in one visit…while we the citizens were fighting for our children..other plans were being planned.to destroy in other ways…our minds were busy…questions not answered about the Towers fate..questions not being answered about millions of children harmed…all this time the mortgage scam was planned…so now we have three (3) destroying factors to ruin this country and the world. And the ‘war’ starting in Iraq…makes it four (4)…. Tell me if I am wrong….this all started at the top….and we the citizens were the victims and those who lost their lives in all four (4) planned destructions. In a decade we have not seen any transparency…the doors were closed and locked to us. Now we must speak up and destroy the evils that have ruined this country…put Satan back in his place called Hell to burn in the fires…to feel pain as we the victims have felt for many years. We all have scars, be it mental or physical, but those scars tell us all to group together and fight for our rights, fight for the country that we can be proud of..and fight for law and order in our government…Stop the Federal Reserve and all the lobbists…crime feeds off greed.

  3. What is the problem with ‘some’ lawmakers..have they got a problem with honesty ? Elizabeth Warren seeks to ‘fix’ the crap that has been thrown into the face of the citizens.. To say any one ‘undermines the Constitution’…does anyone in Washington even know the Constitution? Does any one even know the laws of the land..laws they themselves make and break? They need not start their shit when honesty is not part of their character. Our tax dollars that pay their salaries, pay them to work for US..THE CITIZENS…not the criminal that fills their pockets with cash. As I said before in other comments..look up POLITICIAN in the Webster Dictionary..”.One actively engaged in politics: often used with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain, scheming, etc. ” Does that not speak the truth? Any politician (and most do) that follows the money, breaks the laws and is guilty of a crime..such as taking bribes from anyone including LOBBYISTS. Yet, they all become wealthy in a short time. Dishonesty and bribes feed the lawmakers. yet I have never heard of a politician going to prison for excepting a bribe and that crime is done all the time., When a politician works against the betterment of the Citizens…goes against honesty that corrects the crimes done against us…only says there is more to their maddness..they followed the money. I say loud and clear..”.ELIZABETH>>>YOU GO GIRL..CORRECT ALL WRONGS DONE TO THIS COUNTRY…THE SCAMS…TURN YOUR HEAD WHEN THE BANKS OR POLITICIANS CRY WOLF…THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS THAT SCAMMED THIS COUNTRY.” .They, the lawmakers of this land, going back years till now, approved and excepted, gave the financial industry freedom to scheme..to plot/ploy..to destroy our country and the world with their dishonest criminal scams. Instead of complaining of the good that Ms. Warren is doing….Lets have an investigation on “WHO” in Washington has excepted bribes….Or do they think those bribes are Constitutional ? No inside investigation…we want facts and truth for those who have gone against the people of this country. And they know who they are. So who really has ‘ Undermined the Constitution ‘? Not hard to figure this out….look at the conditions of our country…the worse time in the history of America.

  4. Im not surprise, people are voting against there interest and i can find any reasonable explanation for that
    When are the American People going to wake up ?

  5. Equity Free says:

    Arguably the most fair and honest person in DC . The GOP will do whatever it takes to protect the bankers . These officials note that the agency is under treasury supervision , yet they are attacking her because she is looking out for the little guy, and has resisted financial entity lobbyist . E mail their hometown newspaper and ask their constituents if they are ok with the banks foreclosures,and the economy , jobs crises . I think not .

  6. kravitz says:

    Elizabeth Warren is such a logical and fair person, she’s even making headway with the more rational business leaders of this country. Having a sense of her style, she will find them. And there are some there.

    New Consumer Bureau Reaches Out to Wall Street

    “I’ve been talking with leaders in the financial services industry since my first day on the job, and what I’m hearing is that we’re aiming towards the same goal: credit agreements that can be read and understood in a short time,” Ms. Warren said in an e-mail to DealBook.

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