The Madness Of A Lost Society

The Madness Of A Lost Society

“This is what a dumbed-down, morally bankrupt, completely broken society looks like, and this is how it behaves. No outrage over the bankers raping them, no outrage over their gutted industry, no outrage over their plundered dollar. Just blind, wanton stupidity. Just bread and circuses.”


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  1. Equity Free says:

    This fighting here is the plan of the wealthy elite, they keep the populist fighting with them selves , which keeps us from uniting against them . The ruling elite have prospered over the last 40 years where as workers wages have flat lined . The dumbed down voters just elected new members to congress on BS paid for by these very elite . 25 % of this new group are millionaires already . They said they were for the little guy .(NOT) . The boldest SOB got nasty when told his federal health care does not start until after 30 days of him taking office . His major campaign slogan was to keep government out of health care . WE MUST SET ASIDE DIFFERENCES ON CERTAIN ISSUES AND UNITE ON ENDING THE STRANGLE HOLD THEY HAVE ON THE PEOPLE (98%) THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND OTHER WEALTHY ELITE ARE RULING THROUGH CORPORATIONS , CORPORATIONS WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS PERSONHOOD, THEY PAID FOR THIS IN THE 1880,S AND HAVE BEEN GETTING RICHER EVER SINCE .

  2. Enjoy your prayers, count me and my family out, we will be too busy doing the stupid things, such as writing each senator, congressmen. the President, organizing to have certain judges voted out of office, to make sure re-districting is not a ploy to weaken our movement, organizing marches, documents searches etc.., you know the little things your Jesus is not interested in!

  3. Jim Fenton says:


    Your talk sounds good till one goes to your site and sees that it costs $49.99 to join.

    Kinda kills the message pal.

    • That is no to join, that is only to have acces to the database that cost us money to support, research and make available.

      • RAMONA says:

        what I do not understand Nelson is why you do not accept the concept that allpeoples are working on the solutions to save our country ? STOP ATTACKING PEOPLEOF FAITH… it turns some away from your message. there are americans from all areas trying to save our homes, prayer comforts and gives hope to all and I believe in miriclesand in JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOUR. AS WE ACCEPT YOU SO SHOULD YOU ACCEPT US TO GET THESE GOOD WORKS DONE. I dont understand the attacks..

    • By the way Jim, if you feel that the work we are doing, while losing our own home, going state by state researching documents, court by court researching and providing these doc’ in our database, while providing a network where consumers and attorneys can argue these issues, then you do it for free!

  4. So you really somehow believe that the foreclosure mills that did this to you came tumbling down due to your payers? I rest may case! If America wnats to get back to the constitution, it need people to get their butts ouf of churhes and instead to city hall and in fron of the corrupt institutions. The way you speak is exactly what I am talking about, it is complaceny like yours that the userpers of power can rely on to maintain the status quo!

    Everytime you go to church to pray another bankster buys a yacht, now, multiply your thoughts and actions to 300 hundred million, and that’s why this country is in the mess it is in!

    • yvonne says:

      LOL…I take no offense…and I am the church…but you would not understand that…and I do understand what you are trying to say…it is true that the ‘church’ has failed and ironically it is only the christian church that is being criticized…anyway, it is God’s problem to defend His church…

      However, you see, I feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and offer shelter when needed to those that are in need at the time…so this house will not be stolen from me…and yes, my prayers and all the prayers of others like myself is involved here..yes, I cry when I read of the of those that are less fortunate than I am and have lost their homes…esp those that did not owe these banksters…however, I do know that for whatever reason the others are loosing their homes is because the were set up, so to speak by the very banks so they would fail to meet their payments etc….

      Unless you have walked in a mans shoes you should not judge them, if you never tried a spiritual approach to solving your issues, then I also understand why you feel so helpless…so, Nelson, want to or not, I am adding you to my prayer list…if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of Me(God) and I will give it to him, but he must ask in faith, believeing and not doubting, if any one ask and doubts, he is like a doubleminded man, unstable in all his ways, like the waves which the winds toss too and fro…this is another promise from my Maker’s Manual…

      Am amazed when anyone calls for getting back to the constitution and at the same time not accepting the God of the constitution…we should actually get our butts back in church and obey…God says…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will heal their land…True Americans were called by His name, now only a few are called by His name…go figure…you are welcome to join us…to accept the constitution is to accept the God of the consititution and those that penned this sacred document…

    • housemanrob says:

      Nelson, You rant and rave but most importantly, you are forgetting to separate church and state. This way we can all worship a higher power as we comprehend it! Forced religious opinions breed contempt!

  5. pelucheven says:

    Dear Nelson,

    you said it and created the picture I was trying to come up with, great job.

  6. pelucheven says:

    We literally are drones for the benefit of the bankers, on Friday. billions of dollars were spent on credit card purchases, with money we do not have and without assets to back them up. We as a country are falling deeper into the thought that Christmas and the holidays is about buying, consuming and spending.

    This is so sad. We rather wait in line for days at a time to watch a movie and to buy an XBOX than to go an visit our state and local state and district attorneys, to sit down and write letters to our local; officials. Why is it and when did our brains got fried this way?.

    Let me be perfectly clear, I am all for celebrating what each one of us may consider to be our own particular and selective holidays. However, when the whole country is a total mess and the measure of our success as a society is how much we consume, I really wonder. I am all for giving some one a gift, but are we really doing that or are we developing the next generation of fools?

    When we give a Nintendo Wii or a Play Station, we are giving some one a piece of technology that is creating, maintaining and providing prosperity to families across the ocean, instead of creating jobs for our neighbors and families, we are creating a technological dependency that goes beyond our borders. Our DVD format now is the Blue Ray a Japanese creation, so now we as a society are giving royalties to those Japanese inventors and firms for our consumption.

    I am for all countries to develop and to create wealth, an I am for freedom of enterprise and freedom as an essential concept of what should be as a nation, but I have to go back to the founders of this great nation and the actual and true values, and I have to say that when I read Jefferson, Franklin and Washington’s writings as well as Jackson’s, Madison’s, etc. I have to firmly conclude that we have allowed our system to be corrupted and we have allowed our selfish interest to ride above reason.

    So we make a line at at Store on Black Friday to buy a Korean TV, while we have over 15,000,000 unemployed and when we are under siege by the bankers and their criminal foreclosure activities where more than 7,000,000 families are now homeless and we are just sitting back and watching how another 14,000,000 will fall on the foreclosure death trap. There you have a happy and merry holiday but before you drink the egg nog, think about who you are, what you have become and in reality what is it you really want to be. Is our nation better as a result of your actions or lack thereof.

    I am sorry, but I had to vent. To buy an I touch and make Apple richer, while they are hiring more people in plants in China is really wrong. just a thought not a sermon.!

    • RAMONA says:

      I will not spend any monies on anything this christmas.. I see nothing that goes into our own country . I will not buy from those who betrayed our country.

  7. This is what happens to an empire in decline. The sence of complacency in this nation is scary. The powers that be have tamed society into the fals belief that only the Republicans or the Democrats can be the solution to their problems, people fail to see that both parties are just the tool of the 1% that truly controls society. This ruling class has for years used religion, politics and “credit” as their tool to dominate our society. If the Republicans are in “power” then they blame the democrats for selling out the Middle class, and if the Democrats are in power, vice versa… When people have been indoctrinated to believe that power no longer resides in them, but instead in a political party, then that person has been disenfranchised from the power structure of society, this is why America is a disenfranchised society, a society that the only thing they collectively empower, is their belief in an invisible God and rampant nationalism that somehow creates a sense of social superiority, even if that superiority be based on completely utter nonsense,

    It was Albert Einstein that said: “Nationalism is the measles of mankind” if you take his words and ad to them the words of Thomas Jefferson:

    “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

    Now we can have a greater understanding as to why we have turned into a society of social idiots. By the way, the name of the “power userpers,” that 1% responsible for the decline of the American Empire: The Federal Reserve, their political affilliations that enable this powerstructure: Democratic party, Republican party, churches of all denominations and conservatism. So, the bottom line is that the only real way to effectuate change in a society that has been desensitized to its own reality,is through conflict, controversy, constant agitation and even physical confrontation, for if we seek instead to save America through logical debate, we may as well accept the fact that we are not only losing our home but our nation too.

    • Americans United for Justice wishes everyone a holiday season where we can united and take back America! Our nation, our children and our ancestors deserve it. Lets not forget that we are the guardians of our constitution, many have shed their blood, their sweat and their tears so that we may live as a free people. The constituition is now officially under our watch, and I’ll be damned if we are going to let it fall by the weight of those who would sell their own fellow countrymen for greed and unsatiable vampire thirst for accumulation of ill gotten wealth!

    • yvonne says:

      I understand your rational but am sorry that you think the way to effect the change we need is the way you mentioned above…we are spiritually bankrupt…we have strayed far from the God We Trust that America was founded upon…where our forefathers prayed in their meetings before they made decisions, etc…

      What the prophesies in the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth , the Maker’s Manual,is all coming to pass. It says in the latter days they will call right wrong and wrong right; many will fall away from their faith, parents will turn against children and children will turn against parents, lawlessness will abound, and the list goes on…

      Everyone was given a will to freely do what they choose…we can see the results of our choices….mine was to choose to believe the unseen God that I get to see everyday all around me as I look at the order in nature, etc…only humans are out of order right now…I see and experience the effects of ,my unseen GOd and the benefits of my choice…I have hope, I am not turn on by materialism and I do know that He makes the rain to all on the good and the bad…but He sure blesses those that accept His existence with abundant life and hope and love and mercy and protection and provision…and the list goes on…no matter what comes against us that makes Him our choice, He is always there for us…

      Some of you reading this may snicker and mock, but that is all right, it will also prove His prophecies that in the last days there will be mockers …

      I desire only to share with those who need hope and the courage to carry on, not fearing the banksters, He has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power and sound minds…after all, look at all that has been exposed since this foreclosure crisis! That has to be a divine intervention to reveal all the fraud that is being revealed so far…and the new ones that will be revealed in the near future…

      Yes, the bad guys have to go, have to stop their corruptions….but you will see more corruptions before it is all over….it is a dominoes effect…I believe in the power of prayers and praying for the leaders of this county and those that dispitefully use us …love is a stronger weapon than hate…I dont want to taint my heart with resentment and hatred over these people that are doing all these bad things to us…they will continue to fall…If I do that, then they have won already, I need to keep a clean heart and a clear conscience to make right decisions and to know how to stand up to them and not become like them…I fear no one, no one, and for those who have the same faith, ask the Lord to remove those judges and others that are standing in the way or participating in helping those banks steel our homes…He will do so….look, I did, and quickly came tunbling down one of the largest foreclosure mills that was used by the bank to come against me…

      Once again, my case is in limbo, until the bankster finds someone else…and the judge that did not want to grant my motion to bring this nonsense to a close, he was also removed, witin a month of denying me my motion…I can go on and on with soem awesome experiences…and I was nver behind on my mortgage…go figure…I trust in the Lord with all my might,a nd I do not lean unto my own understanding, In ALL my ways I acknowledge Him and He does direct my paths. He will do the same for you.

      I thank him for this website and the good it is doing and the way it is allowing anyone to express their feelings /thoughts or whatever…

  8. J A says:

    Excellent video. I have never participated in the insanity of Black Friday and never will. For years now my family has focused on the joys of spending time together and getting each other a few small gifts without spending much.

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