Disney Town Man Facing Foreclosure Barricades Self in Foreclosed Home, Fires at Deputies then Kills Himself

CELEBRATION, Fla. (AP) — The owner of a failed security business barricaded himself in his soon-to-be foreclosed home, shot at deputies and then killed himself in this well-groomed Central Florida town built by Disney.

The 14-hour standoff came just days after the town’s first-ever homicide, unsettling residents who moved to the community for its safety and small-town values even though authorities said the two were not connected.

Craig Foushee, 52, barricaded himself in his home Thursday for more than 14 hours, according to an Osceola County Sheriff‘s Office report. He shot at deputies several times, but they never returned fire because they couldn’t get a clear shot. No deputies were injured.

Court records show Foushee was in the middle of a divorce, and it was apparent that his life was unraveling, neighbors said.

Early Friday, deputies deployed tear gas, entered the home and found Foushee dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

On the unusually crisp winter morning, the smell of the tear gas hung in the air on the upscale cul-de-sac. All of the second floor windows — including the third-floor dormers — were either broken or had bullet holes the size of baseballs. At least one streetlight in the shape of a lantern appeared to have been shattered by gunfire.

“Just because this is Celebration doesn’t mean everyone’s perfect,” said Eva Medved, who lived across the street from Foushee. “People die, people get divorced, people get in trouble.”

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6 Responses to “Disney Town Man Facing Foreclosure Barricades Self in Foreclosed Home, Fires at Deputies then Kills Himself”
  1. RAMONA says:


  2. Nelson says:

    America has lost its cojones, must be the fluoride in the water, it has turned everyone into conformed idiots!

  3. Diana says:

    This is the greatest tragedy of the corrupt banking system!

    I wrote my representatives, here in Florida, to ask them to stop over-looking the fraudulent bank mess and to not over-ride the O’s pocket veto! I let them know people are committing suicide due to these foreclosures. Do you think I received a response back?

    When it comes to the big banks, the response has been deafening! NO, NADA, ZIP!

    These suicides are heart-breaking!!!!

  4. Nye Lavalle says:

    Will someone look up this guy’s assignments and foreclosure to see if there was robo signing or fraud. We need to create a kill count that the banksters have killed. Mark my words, one day, these desperate people are going to turn on killing the people behind the foreclosures from the bansters and their lawyers to LPS people, people signing docs and even those judges who ignore their plight and the facts. America is falling apart at its seems.

  5. ny says:

    America, do you still not get it? Don’t fire at police, take it out on the banks and their CEO’s….

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