One West Forecloses and Evicts then Offers Boca Raton Couple Loan Mod 6mo Later

James and Deborah Strassburg at their empty home in Boca Raton.
Gary Coronado/The Palm Beach Post

“Strassburger said he was never even notified of the final order. He didn’t learn that the sale and title transfer were officially canceled until a Palm Beach Post reporter located the order that was signed Aug. 31 and recorded on Oct. 14.”


Bank evicts, then offers Boca Raton couple a loan mod

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

In hours of congressional hearings last week, the nation’s banks were repeatedly condemned for dual-track loan modification systems that give hope to homeowners seeking lower monthly payments while at the same time foreclosing on their properties behind their backs.

“Unacceptable deficiencies,” is how the acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency put it. Failed oversight, ineffective practices and insufficient staffing were criticisms added by other top regulators and legislators.

Boca Raton resident James Strass­burger could have told lawmakers all that. He just wishes they were listening this year when One West Bank sold his home at foreclosure auction during negotiations for a loan modification.

Strassburger, 56, and his wife, Deborah, 58, who lived in their home for 19 years, were ordered out in May, holding two yard sales so they could squeeze into a rented apartment.

But the real kick in the gut came in August, six months after the auction, when they got a letter congratulating them for earning a trial loan modification. It was followed by a note alerting them to a hearing­ that would essentially give them their home back. Their mortgage payment was due Sept. 1, the letter reminded.

“This all could have been avoided. We could have been living our lives,” said James Strass­burger, a former business owner whose flooring jobs dropped off when the economy fell. “It’s not a good feeling. I don’t like seeing my wife cry.”

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  1. losing myhome in florida says:

    when are they going to stop this b´´´ll sh+t i am so tired of hearin g these stories. no i am sypathetic because i am losing my home but i am tired of the banks commiting fraud, why hasnt the sherrifs in florida stop evicting people. refuse. help the home owners knowing that fraud has been committed on all of us. this is outrage and i do not understand hpw we can stop this.. i have 3 kids in my home. i put a lot of money down. i have to defend this foreclosure to the end. i just wish the sherrif would be on my side. i live in hernando county florida prices of homes were out of control. all the property appraissers in the united staes should have been proactive when these annommalies were happening. they were so quick to make a buck. ohhh more money in my coffers. diddnt matter that it backfired and we are all in foreclosure and now its a reverse bubble. does everyone know now the big banks are buying our homes back in foreclosrue auction. the investors lose our mortgages because we fore close. the servicer gets 6k and then buy other banks houses in auctions. its criminal. just insane. please some help this travesty that has been on the backs of hard working american people. please help i dont want to lose my house so some bank can buy it in an auction for 74k 25% what i paid sick. we all need to band together and stop this moretgae fraud, appraisal fraud and foreclosure fraud i can not do it alone please help+

  2. housemanrob says:

    After you have been kicked out. beaten up and then shot and left for dead, you can say, “oh, happy, happy….we have been awarded a modification. Now honey, let’s get up from under this bridge and go home!

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