Bank of America Threatens Foreclosure on 1100 Properties for “Nonpayment” of Current Taxes

Bank of America’s tax letter misses its mark

Bank said payments for 1,100 homes were late — before due date

A letter sent to hundreds of Bank of America’s mortgage borrowers in Clark County contained news no one wants to hear: Your home could be foreclosed for nonpayment of property taxes.

The letter from a Bank of America affiliate was sent to about 1,100 Clark County homeowners who’d actually paid their taxes.

Homeowners were quick to take action. Clerks at the Clark County Treasurer’s office fielded hundreds of queries last week from worried homeowners, said Michelle Denman, the office’s tax service manager.

A Bank of America official acknowledged the mixup Monday, saying the bank had requested tax payment status reports on Bank of America mortgage-holders before the final payments were due. Many people do not pay taxes until close to the due date.

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Yea, it is just another “mistake”, but how many of these mistakes actually lead to foreclosure because of the banks failure to correct…


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  1. john says:

    In my case, BAC tried to force me to make monthly tax payments despite my being in a State run deferred property tax program for the disabled. BAC would write a check to the County, then the State would write a check to the County, then the County has to re-imburse BAC—but then, part of my Trial Mod payment reflected a monthly tax payment which has already been paid……what a mess! They kicked me off the Trial after 8 months because of NPV failure—-what does that mean?

  2. John says:

    Once they have foreclosed on you, whether legal or not, you do not owe taxes on that property, they do.

    They claim its their property, if so, pay their taxes, fire dues, etc.. There is a price in many ways for falsely claiming someones propety is yours.

    Just one more point to bring up at you court date when you have sued them for dishonesty among many other wrongs.

    Add all this hurt and suffering to your lawsuit amount and take it to a local jury especially since one fourth of the homeowners are now facing foreclosure and that doesn’t count those already fforeclosed on nor those yet to come to be foreclosed on.

    Pretty good chances you will have a jury of hurt folks on the jury deciding between you, a homeowner like they were and the mortgage company that kicked them out of their home.
    Pretty good odds huh!

  3. I have busted your chops in the past for your photoshopped photos that some people might mistake for real. lol, this one I like. If I copy it onto swarm the banks, I’ll link back to your article.


    Can someone explain if you’re in default if you don’t pay your property taxes? Meaning taxes are not escrowed. How long after the due date? Any grace period?

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