Florida Trend Magazine Announces Newsmakers of the Year – Foreclosure Fighters

Foreclosure FightersLisa Epstein and blogger Michael Redman uncovered fraudulent practices by mortgage holders.
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Florida Newsmakers of the Year

Business – Florida Newsmakers of the Year

by Mike Vogel


Forcing the Issue

For many, the bottom line in any mortgage dispute is whether the payments are being made. But Lisa Epstein, a West Palm Beach nurse turned foreclosure activist, focuses on fraudulent practices, backdated documents and robo-signers. Epstein and fellow Florida foreclosure-fighters — blogger Michael Redman in West Palm Beach, attorneys Lynn Szymoniak in Palm Beach Gardens, Matthew Weidner in St. Petersburg and Thomas Ice in Royal Palm Beach — lit the firestorm that pressured major mortgage holders to a brief, self-imposed moratorium on foreclosures until they say they sorted out their paperwork. Attorneys general launched investigations as did the federal government. Epstein, who says she was instructed by her mortgage servicer to stop paying her mortgage in 2008 so she could qualify for hardship assistance, wants a national moratorium, criminal investigations, lots of indictments, breaking up the big banks and more regulation and reform. Some argue slowing foreclosures only slows recovery. To Epstein, that’s saying, “keep the criminals in charge and we’ll have a recovery.”

SOURCE: Florida Trend Magazine


9 Responses to “Florida Trend Magazine Announces Newsmakers of the Year – Foreclosure Fighters”
  1. Liz in Sarasota says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you to all the foreclosure fighters. April Charney up in Jacksonville certainly deserves much recognition as well.

  2. Catherine Mc Manus says:

    Well deserved, hard earned recognition !
    I thank God there are people like all of you for standing up to BANKS TOO BIG TO FAIL.
    From the moment I heard BOA testify before the Senate Banking Committee-
    “We did not ask for TARP Funds-we do not need them”, “we were forced to accept TARP funds”
    “we make more money on foreclosures than accepting your $1000.00 incentive to modify loans”
    My heart sank, all hope for Consumer Protection, Honesty & Fairness was gone.
    Thank you for helping millions in my situation-24 months of uncertainty & insecurity even with the help of a pro bono Attorney. Also thanks for the advice to deposit Mortgage Payments into a trust account. My account is
    quite considerable now-I have my dignity, proof of ability to pay and avoided the stigma of being a Dead Beat Squatter. BOA/CountryFried refused to accept payments-said “you do not have an account, that is an Investor Account & you are not allowed access ! They would not accept $800-to $1000.00 dollars arrearage (BOA would not could not provide amortization or payment records- due to their ERRORS ! My case is hanging in limbo-noresponse, no motions or any filings since July 2010.
    Without your hard work, I would already be homeless May God Bless You !!

  3. Leo II says:

    Much more gratitude coming. Nothing less than a ticker tape parade, civilian equivalent to medal of honor, annual national day of recognition, $1 million each and commemorative stamp. MINIMUM!!

    Modern day Patriots!!

    THE BEST!!

  4. Equity Free says:

    Bravo ! To you and your supporters, I applaud your courage and determination in exposing the insider view of the crime that crippled the world .. The magnitude of this crime and the consequences are staggering and there is no light yet at the end of the tunnel . This financial crises has exposed that our government conspired with private corporations to transfer more wealth to the already wealthy, at the tax payers expense . The crimes are well documented now , and yet no arrests or convictions, only continued evictions .
    Their blatant disregard for law and order continues with the getting old statement ” we see no wide spread problems in the foreclosure process” . It is this lie and others like it that has allowed them to get away with it this long . It also shows how MONUMENTAL your work is in exposing this . Honesty, ethics, moral integrity and upholding laws are necessary for a civil society . Thanks again for seeking justice and due process for all .
    Fraud, Greed, Fraud, Greed, Fraud, Greed , Perjury, Perjury, Perjury, = JAIL TIME ! Keep rocking the boat .

  5. Kim Thomas says:

    Lisa, Mike, Lynn, Matt & Tom,
    Keep up the good work and have a great 2011.Thanks for all you guys have contributed.

  6. noel says:

    too bad they balled you guys in with the president of the chamber of commerce, haha

  7. J A says:

    Congratulations — you have EARNED this distuinguished recognition! Thanks for all you do on behalf of everyone who has been through or is currently struggling with foreclosure. You’re the best!

  8. John says:

    Recognition well deserved.

    Thank you for all your help and most of all, the encouragement to keep on fighting!

  9. FKA says:

    Congrats! You guys deserve to be recognized for all the hard work you have done for Floridians and all of us!

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