Robo-signing | The Dead Sign Affidavits Nationwide

The Market Ticker – The Dead Sign Affidavits – Nationwide

by Karl Denninger
in Foreclosuregate

When are we going to see law enforcement actually enforce laws?

She died in 1995. Yet her signature later appeared on thousands of affidavits submitted by one of the nation’s largest debt collectors, Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc., in lawsuits filed against borrowers.

Some regulators complain that the use of Ms. Kunkle’s name reflects an epidemic of mass-produced, sloppy and inaccurate documentation in the debt-collection industry.

Complain?  Sloppy?  Inaccurate?

Perjury is a felony!

And using the signature of a dead person sure looks like perjury to me (can’t swear to what you can’t see because you’re dead!) along with “uttering” – that is, forgery.

It has to be forgery since the person is dead, right?

“When you see corner-cutting like this, it’s alarming,” Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson said about the Kunkle case.


The State Attorney General for Minnesota calls this corner-cutting?

I guess robbing a bank in your jurisdiction would be “corner cutting” when it comes to acquisition of money, right?  It’s just an easier way to get money than actually earning it honestly.

Law enforcement, including attorneys’ general, sucking off banksters and their cohorts in the “debt collection” industry is an outrage.  These are not “cut corners” they’re apparent felonies and must be investigated and prosecuted as exactly that.

What The Attorneys General of this nation at both Federal and State level have proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, over the last three years is this:

There is no longer a rule of law in this nation and there are no longer law-enforcement agencies that will enforce the law when the party harmed is an ordinary citizen.   None.  Neither political party will bring a single felony-level charge against these jackals.

I leave to the reader’s own determination what sort of response is appropriate in light of the continuing documentation that willful and intentional refusal to investigate and prosecute apparent felonious acts is not an isolated incident but rather has become the standard and expected procedure and response by alleged “law enforcement” at the highest levels of our government when it comes to those firms, including but not limited to banks and collection agencies.

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5 Responses to “Robo-signing | The Dead Sign Affidavits Nationwide”
  1. l vent says:

    This is the outcome when fraud is used as a business model by the banksters and wall street. The Government is to blame for this mess too because they left them unregulated so they let them became a huge criminal enterprise and a runaway train. The fox has been in charge of the hen house for too long and it is time for some big changes or else this country is doomed to fail again but maybe on an even more massive scale next time. Screw corporate America because they suck and are ruining this country. We The People want our country back from these white collar criminals who fully intend to turn this whole country into a fascist dictatorship and have all of us be their peasant slaves. All of America needs to realize this and get active and be indivisible in our fight to take back our country from these oppressors of freedom and liberty. It seems the people only want to get active at election time and that is sad.

  2. Minnesota government officials apologizing for the credit industry, and working to enable them to perpetrate fraud on the rest of the country .. again.

    A pattern is beginning to emerge from that chilly northern state and it isn’t pretty.

    • Coach Bob says:

      i’m not the best writer in town but I can tell you this, the belly aching has got to stop. There is a very simple solution to this fraud and forgery. The grand Juries of every county are there to enable the private citizen to bring charges through affidavit of complaint with evidence. This by passes the attorney general, the DA’s, and law enforecement and takes it directly Grand Jury Foreman and to the very people who can bring an indictment or true bill charges. If everyone that has a claim files a complaint with the grand jury in the county where the property is located the Grand Jury must investigate and file their report. Evidence is the key! Research, investigate, file your complaint under notary seal with affidavit of personal knowledge and facts with exhibts attached.

      • Jerry Jurden says:

        Coach ,

        Can you provide me an example or a copy of one such document that has already been done.
        I can be reached at I can assure you I will file this immediately here in Georgia along with the verified copy of the forged Notary signature from Minnesota Dakota County and provide to me by the Secretary of State Minnesota that it is in deed a forged signature . I also have the Mers Affidavit signed by two Robo Signers as not only VP’s of Mers, assistant Secretaries, managers, attorney in fact and documents of at least 40 examples of HSBC bank employees signing property right to them from other banks while representing that they work for those other Banks/lenders when they indeed are signing their own documentations. It’s like playing in a Crap game with a loaded pair of dice and they can’t lose unless they get caught with the proper Judge that knows exactly what is really going on.

        thanks for any help . I go to trial January 10, 2011 unless I can get a Judge in a Bankruptcy court to throw this mess of forged documents out and put them in jail. again

        Jerry Jurden

    • Nelson says:

      Coach Bob, I am very interested in your legal theory and would like to present this as a powerful offense sterategy on our site. Please write to me at
      I will take a strategy like this national, to every family in our nation that has been defrauded.


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