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14 Responses to “Florida Attorney General Fraudclosure Report | UNFAIR, DECEPTIVE AND UNCONSCIONABLE ACTS IN FORECLOSURE CASES”
  1. Mark Shuct says:

    What stinks is that all the services are performed by attorneys and the Attorney General deceptively indicated “this lawsuit does not name attorneys or legal services as the prohibited action.” So, attorneys sue banks to cancel mortgage and obtain non-appealable final judgments. A lawyer referral service obtains this information from the attorneys that won the lawsuits. They advertise the service of suing your bank for fraud and the attorney general sues the advertisers? This is fascism

  2. Equity Free says:

    No other Rep stood up for the little guy then Alan Greyson, right down to extending the Bush tax cuts for those that do not need it . The average number for those effected was 83k . Millions of Americans would work for half of that today . Two jobs , they pay their taxes, they pay for their homes, this snowballs to the benefit of the common good , its a win-win for all . I guess its to complex for our politicos and their corrupt corporate donors .
    Greyson was the poster child for the little guy , and he went the way of the Buffalo. That says it all .

  3. Lost In Miami says:

    How do we get this sent out to all the major newspapers and news stations? More people need to be made aware of the corruption and greed going on in this state. The more people that read this th better. Funny, you write bad checks, they call it fraud and put you in jail! You falsify documents, fake signatures, create paperwork and nothing happens! How can this be happening in the USA?

  4. JMC says:

    An outstanding job done by our AG’s office! Let’s hope that the new administration, which is suggesting getting rid of regulations, looks very hard at what Florida’s consumer’s have dealt with.

    Government exists for the people – not for corporations. That is the reason we got to this place to begin with!!!

    There is LOTS of room for improvement. However, my biggest concern is getting clear title to a property after this mess is over. All the recordings will be so messed up, no one will know who owns what.

  5. Felita says:

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do. Please go to stated website and sign petition. Delaware is not getting the message.

  6. Guido says:

    I like what Louis Black said.
    “You don’t want another Enron? Here’s the law.
    If you have a company, and you can’t explain what it does in one sentence or less…. it’s illegal.”

  7. noel says:

    that title page would make a fantastic sign for next week….

  8. Lit Gant says:

    THE AG of Florida has gotten involved in this foreclosure mess because of all the legalnostics sitting on the benches rubber stamping foreclosures in their rocket docket. If these legalnostics (judge who does not believe in the rule of law), had been reall unbiased judges, they would have stopped the use of these fraudulent documents and complaints that had no standing. But these LN’s had the mind set they had to rush these foreclosures through to get them back on the market so the economy would not crash. These LN’s also had the opinion fraud was ok if he helped them get the foreclosurs off their docket and out on the aution block. So they said nothing as thousands of these fraudulent documents came before their faces. This allowed the robo-lawyers and robo-notaries and the robo-affidavit signers to be party to all the fraud. The AG has a duty to make sure there are no unfair and deceptive trade practices going on in Florida. The AG has a duty to make sure no one takes unfair advantage of the citizens of Florida. I appreciate what the AG office is doing but it is not doing enough. Maybe soon the Florida Courts will stop their madness in the rocket-docket rush to throw people out on the streets. Maybe, just maybe, the rule of law will come back to our judiciary and our judges will make decisions by the rule of law. I hope all the legalnostics all die soon so we can get some fresh new minds on these benches who love law and the rule of it.

  9. Just because all of these rules were put in place that supposedly legalized securitizations….any CHANGE IN TERMS that occurred after the home owner signed paperwork, without the homeowners additional expressed written consent, is prohibited.

    So if the original bank where the homeowner signed mortgage paperwork does not assess 2,000 dollars in penalties because a homeowner was 14 cents short on a payment, THAN NEITHER CAN ANYONE ELSE WHO COMES ALONG AND CLAIMS OWNERSHIP OF THE NOTE THEREAFTER.

    Even if the original mortgage signed by the homeowners says it is ok to change terms, IT’S STILL NOT OK because this basically takes ownership away from the homeowner.

    This is just my opinion, but it’s based on logical tenets and common sense. Obviously the robo signing is bad as well. Parallel Foreclosure is wrong. Predatory loans are wrong.

    wrong wrong wrong.

  10. housemanrob says:

    Basic stuff……..it’s a conspiracy…..to win…….the con must close!

  11. indio007 says:

    Tkae a llok at the titled “Affidavit of Correction” on page 65. The look at the jurat. It says “personally known to me” not “sworn and attested”. This is an affidavit in title only. Unless the person is “sworn in” there is no affidavit no matter what you title it.

  12. J A says:

    So, basically, the AG’s office has now told us what we already knew, and most of their information was probably dug up by people like you guys working so hard to bring this to light.

    But by the time you get to the 98th page of this very elementary report, you’re left hanging with the BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION of, “What are they going to do about all that fraud that has already taken place and all the homes that have been lost as a result?”

    Sounds to me like the answer is NOTHING.

    Well, in a way I’m glad Alan Grayson is free of his duties in the Congress for now (though I would have voted for him if I lived in his district) because I think he is our last best hope to get something DONE, as in Retribution and Compensation.

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