Death by Foreclosure | Denied for Loan Modification Six Times, Man Kills Wife, Self, Burns Down Home

“He had asked for a loan modification six times and was denied every single time”


C’mon people. When you do things like this the banksters win.

If you are dead, you can not fight back…

2nd Body Found Inside Torched Home

A man called 911 saying he would kill his wife, himself and burn their home

Investigators found a second body Sunday inside the charred remains of a Santee home after a man threatened to kill his wife, himself and burn his house down. He told his neighbors they lost their jobs and were about to lose their home.

The Medical Examiner arrived at the home in the 8500 block of Clifford Heights Road Sunday afternoon to collect the second unidentified body.

At around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, authorities got a call from a man who said he lived in the home.

“He said he was going to kill his wife, kill himself and burn his house down,” said Lt. Dennis Brugos from the sheriff’s department homicide unit.

When officers arrived, the house was engulfed by flames.

“The smoke was just blowing out of the house,” said Santee interim Fire Chief Richard Matticks. “This is the first time in 31 years that I’ve been in the fire service that we’ve ever had an incident like this.”

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7 Responses to “Death by Foreclosure | Denied for Loan Modification Six Times, Man Kills Wife, Self, Burns Down Home”
  1. usjustice4all says:

    If we all went to one place, we would be declared a national disaster

  2. losing my home in florida says:

    sad that he didnt just learn from foreclsoure hamlet and go to court. there needs to be a mortitorium on foreclosures. people are losing their jobs. kids live in these homes. why do they want people to be homeless that are unemployed. we find jobs eventually. feast or famine now i have 4 jobs. i am a nurse i spent about 5 months applying in florida to jobs . i have been workingin this one job for a year now i just gor hires by 3 more places. i hat being called a deadbeat because you cant pay your mortgage because of job loss. this meeds to stop.sad we are allowing our elected officials to let this happen.

  3. … So much for TARP and HAMP.

    Thanks Federal government and Congress. You guys are so swell. Sleep well tonight.

  4. Far Too Much Human Tragedy says:

    I am so sorry for the family of these people. This tragedy is unfortunately just one of the many like it that has come about due to this foreclosure crisis. The human toll this has taken in the last 3-4 years is immeasureable. Sympathies to all involved.

  5. tyler says:

    I don’t feel all that sorry for him, my sympathy lies with his wife. He murdered her.

  6. boazsd says:

    We looked at the documents filed for foreclosure … the documents were filed in the name of Wachovia not Wells Fargo and therefore, this never should have happened since at the time the foreclosure documents were filed and recorded, Wachovia no longer was in existence. And guess who is the new owner of the burned home? you guessed it… Wells Fargo.

  7. acts0412 says:

    This is really sad. The bank who denied his modification should be investigated. But then banks see this as just the death of a dead-beat home owner. Republicans will see this as a man who rejected the Tea Party and deserved to be dead. Republican politicians in his state can rejoice they did nothing to give this man any hope of defeating the fraud in foreclosures. This was a very sad ending to an American who lost his dream and will to live. I feel so sad for the family. I will pray for them.

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